Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Blogsite for Orcas Island 50k and 25k

The link to the online registration, which is now open, and all the other info about the races are now at the new Orcas Island 50k and 25k Blogsite.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

2009 cle elum results

wow! cle elum turned out to be a wee bit tougher, slower, longer than i had thought. but hey it's not a road race so s**t happens and besides it made everyone that much stronger (including me--this was not an easy race to direct but that always seems to be the case at my races so maybe it's me not the course...anyhow...). the weather was not typical "rainshadow" weather but again it added another element for the runners to overcome and from what i hear made things interesting. but despite it all we had a 100% finisher rate (although a couple 50k runners opted to downgrade to the 25k mid race and age defying bob stoyles ran his own slightly altered 25k route out of respect for the volunteers) so that's pretty stinking cool!

congrats to everyone and big thanks to all the volunteers and sponsors!!!