Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Twisp River Fun Run Pictures

The runners at the start: Barabara Evans, Dan "Danimal" Probst, William Worrell, Erik "the children's book author" Brooks and myself aka Soccerball Seagull.

The first "no aid station"

on the twisp river trail

still on the river trail

the 3rd "no aid station"

on the road to the lake

black pine lake

just after "swimming"-- i was the only one to go all the way!

no aid #4--ice cream cones!!

the beginning of the ridge trail

william climbing up an early part of the ridge

william running a rare flat section on the ridge

erik almost to the top of the first highpoint on the ridge

barbara on top of the first high point just over 5000ft

happy barabara

looking towards the tower

looking back at where we've been

sweet forest section

sweet ridge section

sweet steep section

steep but the views make it worth it!

almost to the tower!

the tower

hanging out

heading down

heading down with the chelan sawtooths in the distance

cooling off-- it was in the 80's and very sunny!

dan running through the flowers

i think barbara likes this section

down down down through the flowers we go!

william's "custom" sweat stain shirt

all done!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

sun mountain photos

hi there everyone

this is a little late but if you have photos from sun mounatin you like to share with everyone and for me to possibly use on the blog please send me a link or email me the files. thanks!

here's links to what i have so far

glenn tachiyama
sean newton

Monday, May 18, 2009

wolf creek/ mt gardner/ chelan sawtooth wilderness

20 mile run in the chelan sawtooth wilderness with an optional 5 or so mile (round trip) scramble to the the top of north mount gardner (el. 8956--highest point in okanogan county). no aid, no drop bags, get water from creeks, carry everything you might need, etc.

the route follows the wolf creek trail just outside of winthrop, wa(15-20 minute drive). the run has about 3000 ft of elevation gain and the scramble adds another 3000ft. this whole adventure usally takes me 6-7 hours. there will be snow on the scramble but that makes climbing easier and the desecent faster! there also will probably be a mile or two of knee deep snow starting at mile 6 or so where the trail doesn't get much sun. and the route is an out and back so we'd have to go back down thru the snow on the way out. this is a fun, scenic, and runnable trail. and the views from the top are incredible!! the early forecast is for partly sunny and in highs the 70s.

we'll meet at trailhead at 8am. email me to rsvp, or for questions and to set up carpool from winthrop. check back for more details (coming soon) and updates.

and there will be a run on sunday too probably in the 10-15 mile range near my house.

Monday, May 11, 2009

the other upcoming fun runs

sorry about the lack of warning. the next one is june 27th, the okanogan outlaw 50 miler with some shorter options too. then july 4th and 5th a two day, 75 mile-ish run in the pasayten wilderness (bring your sleeping bag, etc.). july 18th the shellshocked 50 miler which will also have shorter options. and the last fun run with a set date is the north cascades pct 50k/100k on aug 8th which we'll probably run at nite to take advantage of the full moon.

we'll also be running on the cascade crest 100 mile course the last weekend of july and the first weekend of august and folks are welcome to join us for those runs too!

more details on these and other runs will be coming soon...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Twisp River 60k/14mi Fun Run

The Twisp River 60k/14mi Fun Run, the first in a series of eight Fun Run/Training runs, will be Sunday May 17th. This is not a race! This is just a training run for fun-- no awards, no shirts, no fee, no whining! There will be no aid stations, no water provided, no course markings, or any other hand holding of any kind. However there will be 5 Drop Bag locations, mile 7.7(#1), 14.0(#2), 19.6(#3), 23.6(#4), and 30.0(#5)-- label each bag with corresponding location number.

Both runs will Start at 8am at the Gilbert Trailhead of the Twisp River Trail(#440) and run the full length of the trail down river 14 miles to the W. Buttermilk Rd. Trailhead where the 14 milers finish. The 60k runners continue their trek to Twisp by heading Northeast on W. Buttermilk Rd. (FS 4420) to the E. Buttermilk Rd. (FS 43) which they will climb Southeast for about 8.5 miles to reach the Lookout Ridge Trail(#423). The runners will run the ridge trail about 5 miles to the lookout tower, then backtrack about a third of a mile to the trail that drops down to the trailhead 1.5 miles below. At the trailhead the course will follow an abandoned road to an abandoned trail/road for a few miles and then finally join the Lookout Mountain Rd. (CR 1065) which it will follow the last 3 miles to town.

We'll have a pre-run meeting saturday evening at the Twisp River Pub to go over the course, answer questions, figure out transportation logistics and to collect your drop bags. If you miss this HIGHLY RECOMMENDED meeting you'll have to put out your own drop bags or carry all your stuff the whole way--i'll be putting out the drop bags early in the morning on my way to the start. All runners should carry with them the course description and the greentrails maps (# 83 buttermilk butte and #84 twisp). Folks who are unfamiliar with the area should run with a buddy and should study the maps and course description beforehand. This a point to point course so we will need to leave some cars in Twisp and at the 14 mile finish so we can get back up to the cars at the start.

map 1
map 2
map 3
map 4
map 5

Please email me to RSVP!