Friday, October 12, 2012

More Media Love for Rainshadow!

Hey folks! It's been another amazing year in the Rainshadow with so many folks coming out and having a great time at our many races. With just one more race on the calendar for 2012(sorry folks Deception Pass is already sold out) it's almost time for one of my favorite things to do each year, the year in review highlight slideshow. But since I'm going to wait until sometime in December to put that together I thought I'd share a few other things with you first to keep you occupied while you wait.

First off I got news a few days ago from Glenn Tachiyama that another one of his great shots(see above) will feature me on the cover of a magazine. The photo is from our Gorge Waterfalls 50k Course Photo Shoot which already landed me on the cover of Running Times Magazine(see below) and inside the magazine on a separate issue for a story on myself and a few other folks from around the country who were designated by Running Times as the "local trail elite" for their respective regions. This latest cover will be on the upcoming Adventures NW Magazine. That'll run my total up to three times I've been on a cover of a magazine with the third one also being one of Glenn's handiwork from White River 50m a few years ago.  My races have also been on at least one other magazine cover and I've also been featured personally in a few articles over the years in magazine's like Trail Runner Methow Valley News and Outdoors NW.  Trust me it doesn't get old-- the positive attention is great!

And secondly just released tonight was my first ever podcast interview. Scotty Sandow and Erik Schranz of Ultrarunner Podcast raked me over the coals hard while getting out of me all kinds of juicy tidbits like the history of Rainshadow, advice for others on how to quit their real jobs like I did to follow their dreams of race directing and of course they end every show with the favorite beer question. I was nervous at first but they quickly got me chatting away and before I knew I was having a great time. You can listen to the interview either directly on their website or from itunes. And if you haven't listened before they've had some really great interviews over the years so be sure to check out their archives.

And lastly in an attempt to collect all the past slideshows and videos into one place making them easy to find and watch over and over again like I love to do I've dug through the archives and re-posted them all here below.

2009 Rainshadow Running Highlights from James Varner on Vimeo.

2011 25k Race Video by Will Thomas:

A very short time lapse video from Deception Pass by OTKateOTKate 

Another time lapse video from Deception Pass by OTKateOTKate 

some orcas island 50k ferry ride humor

The view from the top of Angels Staircase.

Matt Hart at the Yakima Skyline 50k. Photo by Glenn Tachiyama