Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Video highlights Mt. Spokane 25k and 50k race course

A brand new video from James and Candice's recent test run of the Mt. Spokane 25k/50k race course. The course is fast, tough, mountainous, and beautiful. On a clear day, you will enjoy views of Washington, Idaho, Montana and British Columbia. The course traverses Mt. Spokane, which tops out at 5,883 feet elevation!     
Is it crazy to think some runners might want to double up: Saturday the Mt. Spokane 25k/50k and Sunday the Spokane Marathon?! 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sell Out Races Galore!

With the sell-out of the Cle Elum 50k and 25k yesterday and the fact that The Winthrop Marathon/Half Marathon should sell out by race day(just 10 spots left) that makes for 7 out of 8 Rainshadow Running Races so far this year that have either sold out or were very close. The one that wasn't that close, Angels Staircase 50m/50k/25k, surely will next year and probably would've this year if had been able to get the website up and the registration turned on sooner.  That makes for a pretty darn good start to the year!

Thanks everyone for your support and loyalty! And a special SHOUT OUT to Caroline Ly Schuman who has finished ALL of the Rainshadow Races so far this year!

Next up after Cle Elum and Winthrop is the BRAND NEW Mt Spokane 50k and 25k on the Southwestern edge of the Selkirk Mountains just outside of Spokane.  Like all my trail races this race is HARD AND BEAUTIFUL!  

Stay tuned for the opening of registration for the last two races of 2011(Christmas at the End of the Road 5k and the Deception Pass 50k/25) and for big news for 2012.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Orcas Island Races Almost Full!

in just 48 hours since registration open both races are getting very close to being full! which is amazing because this year with having the two races on separate weekends it allows us to almost double the number of runners we can let in the race! 

orcas island 50k is 70% full and the orcas island 25k is almost 90% full. but few folks have signed up for the lodging which usually sells out very fast, maybe the new registration process for the lodging is to blame? if you want lodging at camp moran be sure to register for that--it's a separate form(which is different than in the past).
register for either race or the lodging at: www.databarevents.com/orcas.asp 

I'll post the entrants lists and lodging lists later today.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Orcas Registration Now Working!!!

Thanks for your patience. Registration now open.


Technical problem with Orcas Regeistration-- not turned on yet...

hi everyone

sorry for the inconvienece! we'll get registration turned on just as soon as we can, stay tuned! friend rainshadow running on facebook to get the most up to date info!


Orcas Island 50k and Orcas Island 25k Registration Opens at 8am on 9/1/11

Big news in the world of Orcas Island...

The race has been split into two separate weekends: January 28th for the 25k and Feburary 4th for the 50k.

There are two new websites for the races:  Orcas Island 50k and Orcas Island 25k

The Registration Opens This Morning at 8AM For Both Races!!!

There will be two trailwork parties: Oct 16th and Jan 22 email me if you're interested

And as always you can get a free entry if you either come to the trailwork party, volunteer before or after the race or bring a volunteer for during the race-- email me if you or someone you know is interested