Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I'm not able to run a race I registered for. What are my options?

A: Please email us to let us know as soon as you know. We will give you a coupon code to use the next time you register for one of our other many awesome races. The coupon code will give you a free race entry. If you want to order a t-shirt or other items like lodging those will not be free. If you had already paid for a t-shirt let us know size/gender and we will manually add you to the shirt order for your new race.

Q: Do you do refunds?

A: No, except in very rare cases(such as if you're from another continent or you're not going to ever run another race for the rest of your life) or for lodging(if you let us know with at least one week's notice). Please email us and we will send you a check in the mail.

Q: Can I transfer or sell my entry to someone else?

A: No.

Q: Can I switch from one distance to another?

A: Usually no but if the race you want to switch to is not sold out then yes. To find out if the race is sold out or not please go to Ultrasignup and search for the race you're interested. It will show whether or not the race is sold out.  If the race is not already sold out please email us and we will switch you.

Q: Your race is sold out. Can I run it anyhow?

A: Yes and no. The trails are open to the public and we can not stop you from using them BUT it is not cool to do it on race day for numerous reasons: we/the parks set the limits on the number of runners in the race for good reasons(limiting environmental impacts, limiting the impacts on other trail users, limited parking at trailheads, etc) and if something goes wrong we will still be somewhat responsible for you even if you're not officially in the race. We also only have limited supplies at the aid stations and finishline and the quantities are based on the expected number of participants--if you're not officially in the race and running as a "bandit" we won't have food and water for you on the course so if you take some anyhow you're possibly taking that food and water away from registered runners.

Q: I noticed "cut-offs" on the info page for [insert name of] race. What are cut-offs, and why do you need them?

A: Cut-offs are designated times by which runners need to have left a particular aid station to continue receiving support while on the course. If, for instance, the second aid station cut-off is set at noon, this means you would need to have left the aid station - and be back out on the course - before noon. We set these cut-offs for several reasons: 1) We want to ensure we don't take advantage of our volunteers' time. Many of our volunteers have already been at their respective aid stations (or at the finish line) for hours and hours. 2) We want to ensure our runners' safety. Generally, if as a runner you don't make a cut-off, it means you're no longer on pace to finish during daylight hours; if something were to happen to you in the dark, getting you help becomes much more difficult, and may put other individuals at risk. We want to keep all of our runners and volunteers as safe as possible, and the cut-offs help with that. 3) We want to celebrate every individual runner's accomplishment (even if you missed a cut-off, simply having the guts to run a Rainshadow race is a worthy accomplishment!) at the finish line with high fives and a great post-race party. No one on the Rainshadow team goes home until all the runners are accounted for, all the volunteers are back, and the sweepers have cleared the course. We want you there to celebrate with us, not out in the dark by yourself.

Q: What happens if I don't make a cut-off?

A: As these cut-off times are for your safety and the sake of our gracious volunteers, we appreciate your cooperation. If you don't leave the aid station before the cut-off time, please respect the volunteers, and save the rest of the run for another day. We'll help you find a ride back to the start/finish, and we of course want you to join the post-race party. The course will be just as challenging next year! If you decide not to party with us, we'll of course understand - but we'd love to help you celebrate however far you did run; we're equally supportive of all of our runners, and want to celebrate you! In the event you decide to ignore the volunteers and decide to keep running, however, we'll be far less supportive. If you continue running after the cut-offs, you will 1) not get an official finish, 2) will no longer be considered a participant in the race, 3) may no longer have a marked course to follow, and 4) will basically be on your own. Additionally, as you will have now made yourself a liability and safety concern, you may be asked to no longer run Rainshadow races.

Q: I would like to volunteer. How do I get signed up to volunteer?

A: For all of our upcoming races we will be using the online site Volunteer Spot to allow runners to self select their volunteer positions. Click here to browse our current volunteer oppourtunities. If you don't see the race you're interested in listed check back in the week or two before race registration is scheduled to open.

Q: I'm volunteering out of the kindness of my heart and my love of the sport/community but is there anything else I get out of this?

A: Yes! All volunteers are highly encouraged to join us at the race post race party where all volunteers get to eat and drink for free. Also all volunteers earn a discount or free race entry depending on how long your volunteer shift is for--basically for every hour you volunteer you get 10% off of your race fee at the next race you register for. So for example if you volunteer for four hours you'll get a coupon code for 40% off your entry fee. And this coupon code does not expire and can be used at any of our races and you can even give the code to a friend or family member if you do not want to use it. A couple of notes about the coupon codes: they do not work for sold out races and they do not necessarily guarantee entry into a race that has a lottery, but if you are chosen in that lottery then the coupon code will work. The only way to get a guaranteed entry into a lottery race is to have volunteered at the prior year's race or to volunteer for the current year's race for example if you volunteered at the 2013 Gorge Waterfalls 50k you can get an automatic entry into the 2014 Gorge Waterfalls 50k or 100k or another example would be you could earn an automatic entry to the 2014 Gorge Waterfalls 50k by offering to volunteer at the 2014 Gorge Waterfalls 100k.

Q: What is the date of BLANK race?

A: Here are the 2014 Rainshadow Running Race Dates:
(for 2015 race dates it's usually a safe assumption the race will be on the same weekend as it was on the previous year but nothing is ever 100% certain until we get the race permits and such)

Jan-25 Orcas Island 25K

Oct-18 Oregon Coast 50k
Yachats, OR (Website Coming Soon)

Q: When will registration open for BLANK race?

A: Below is a list of approximate dates for the opening of registration for the upcoming races(Sign up for our email list to make sure you get notified of the exact dates as they are set)

2014 Orcas Island -- September 2013
Gorge Waterfalls -- 50k is sold out; 100k not sold out as of 2/7/14
Yakima Skyline -- February 14 8:00AM(PST)
Sun Mountain -- February 19 
Beacon Rock -- February 20 
Angels Staircase -- Mid March
Oregon Coast -- Early May
Deception Pass -- Early July
2015 Orcas Island -- September 2014
2015 Gorge Waterfalls -- November 2014
2015 Yakima Skyline -- December 2014
2015 Sun Mountain -- January 2015

Q: How can I stay informed with everything that Rainshadow Running does?

A: Get a job at the NSA.... haha just kidding. We are on all kinds of social media and we also have an email list you can sign up for:
Email List
James' Blog "Varner Miles"
The Trail Running Film Festival Website