Monday, December 21, 2009

Other Races in the Methow

MVSTA who I partner with to put on the Sun Mountain 50/25/10/1k races in Winthrop, WA also put on their own trail running, biking, and skiing events. They recently announced their running race schedule which will for the first time ever include a marathon distance trail race! They've extended the very popular Sunflower(may1) now to 26 miles(solo or relay) and will continue the flat and fast Mazama 5k and 10(may 29) and the technical, challenging and beautiful Cutthroat 11mi(aug28).

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Blogsite for Orcas Island 50k and 25k

The link to the online registration, which is now open, and all the other info about the races are now at the new Orcas Island 50k and 25k Blogsite.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

2009 cle elum results

wow! cle elum turned out to be a wee bit tougher, slower, longer than i had thought. but hey it's not a road race so s**t happens and besides it made everyone that much stronger (including me--this was not an easy race to direct but that always seems to be the case at my races so maybe it's me not the course...anyhow...). the weather was not typical "rainshadow" weather but again it added another element for the runners to overcome and from what i hear made things interesting. but despite it all we had a 100% finisher rate (although a couple 50k runners opted to downgrade to the 25k mid race and age defying bob stoyles ran his own slightly altered 25k route out of respect for the volunteers) so that's pretty stinking cool!

congrats to everyone and big thanks to all the volunteers and sponsors!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

volunteering or how can i run for free?

hey everyone

to help me sleep better the nite before the upcoming cle elum 50k and 25k i'm putting the word out that i'd love to have 4-5 more volunteers to help with things at the race such as runner check-in and other start/finish stuff or at an aid station or sweeping the course. i have folks for all of those things already but just the bare minimum.

so if you or someone you know is interested you'll be fed well at the race and will get a credit for a free entry for one of my races for either you or someone you transfer it to. you'll also get my undying love and affection and other great benefits that don't show up on your accountant's books!

thanks and i hope to see you all soon one way or another!
509 846 5019

Monday, September 7, 2009

2010 calendar coming in october

The Sun Mountain Races will most likely happen again in 2010. the date has not been set yet but will either be in the summer or fall instead of april-- 4th saturday in october is currently the most likely date but nothing has be confirmed yet. in october i hope to set the Rainshadow Running race calendar for 2010 which will hopefully contain all the old favorites and a few new really exciting races!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Big Cle Elum News!

Ok folks you're hearing it here first: there will be a cle elum 25k and the 50k has gotten a "facelift" now with 2000ft more of elevation gain, more time up high on ridges and a new start/finish area! check out the brand new Cle Elum "blogsite" for all the details. or just go straight to databar events and sign up!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Okanogan Outlaw Fun Run

Next weekend (saturday june 27th) is the the Okanogan Outlaw Fun Run! This is an informal training run on the course of a 50 mile race i hope to get approved for 2010. The route goes through remote high country in the Okanogan National Forest and spends the majority of the time above 6000 feet and goes as high as 8242 at the summit of Tiffany Mountain. the 50 mile course has atleast 10,000 feet of elevation gain and is often on technical ridge top trails. it can be hot at times and often there is little or no shade. water is also scarce and you should be prepared to carry enough water to get you from each drop bag or to get water from the few creeks you cross along the way (the longest dry section is between mile 19 and 33. there will be no creeks or springs and it's the highest part of the run). folks wanting to run but not all 50 miles are also welcome to run (and would be a big help with some of the logistics--see below!) to any of road crossings and stop there.

This is not a race. there is no entry fee. no aid. no search and rescue volunteers waiting around. you will need to take care of yourself if something happens. there are only three road crossings, at mile 15.3, 33.0 and 44.0 and at all times you're atleast an hour's drive from civilization. we will have drop bags and hopefully an unmanned vehicle (with keys hidden) parked at each road crossing just in case something goes wrong. but you really need to be aware of the risk of such a remote and difficult training run. and you need to bring you're own green trails maps for the course: Doe Mountain #52, Coleman Peak #20, Horseshoe Basin #21, twisp #84 and Tiffany Mountain #53.

Friday evening we will meet at the finish at the lightning creek trailhead, off of upper beaver creek rd (see driving directions below) which is about a 15-20 minute drive from Twisp. we'll organize the drop bags and coordinate which vehicles will be left at the road crossings and which vehicle/s will shuttle us to the start and which vehicle/s will stay at the finish to drive folks back to their cars after we're all done running. i'll have three medium sized coolers, with ice, to put our water jugs in and anything else to be kept cold.

we'll need atleast 5 cars to be able to do all of the shuttling and to have a car at each road crossing. so far my car and one other have been offered so we need three more. if we have less than 5 total cars available we'll still have drop bags and water at each road crossing but we won't be able to have an "emergency car" at each road crossing or if we don't have a car there obviously the shorter distance runners can't stop there. the rough plan is to meet friday evening, shuttle the emergency cars and the supplies to each of the road crossings and then camp at the finish friday nite. we'll then get up early, around 5am and drive over to the start and get running! then after everyone finishes we'll repeat the process of shuttling everyone to their cars. and obviously if a shorter distance runner stops at one of the road crossings they'll drive the car back after all the other runners have come through.

please email me at to let me know you're planning on running, and which distance and if you're vehicle is available and if so how many folks can it carry. also let me know what time you plan to arrive friday, it would be great if everyone could arrive by 7 or 8pm so we're not all up very late doing the shuttling which will probably take about three hours if we're going to all three road crossings.

Driving directions to the finish (where we meet friday evening): Lightning Creek Trailhead (see greentrails map: twisp #84)

go south of the town of twisp on hwy 20
in 2.5 miles turn left to stay on hwy 20 and go towards loup loup pass
go 3.1 miles and turn left onto beaver creek rd (rd 1637)
in 5.9 miles go through the intersection with rd 4225 continue straight
in 0.33 mile turn right into the unsigned lightning creek trailhead/unoffical camp

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cle Elum Ridge 25k!

hi everyone

i'm excited to announce that for the first time at cle elum there will be a 25k option! i'm still waiting for final approval from the forest service on the new route so i'm not going to post all the details yet. stay tuned for more info and real soon we'll have the registration available too so you can sign up!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Twisp River Fun Run Pictures

The runners at the start: Barabara Evans, Dan "Danimal" Probst, William Worrell, Erik "the children's book author" Brooks and myself aka Soccerball Seagull.

The first "no aid station"

on the twisp river trail

still on the river trail

the 3rd "no aid station"

on the road to the lake

black pine lake

just after "swimming"-- i was the only one to go all the way!

no aid #4--ice cream cones!!

the beginning of the ridge trail

william climbing up an early part of the ridge

william running a rare flat section on the ridge

erik almost to the top of the first highpoint on the ridge

barbara on top of the first high point just over 5000ft

happy barabara

looking towards the tower

looking back at where we've been

sweet forest section

sweet ridge section

sweet steep section

steep but the views make it worth it!

almost to the tower!

the tower

hanging out

heading down

heading down with the chelan sawtooths in the distance

cooling off-- it was in the 80's and very sunny!

dan running through the flowers

i think barbara likes this section

down down down through the flowers we go!

william's "custom" sweat stain shirt

all done!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

sun mountain photos

hi there everyone

this is a little late but if you have photos from sun mounatin you like to share with everyone and for me to possibly use on the blog please send me a link or email me the files. thanks!

here's links to what i have so far

glenn tachiyama
sean newton

Monday, May 18, 2009

wolf creek/ mt gardner/ chelan sawtooth wilderness

20 mile run in the chelan sawtooth wilderness with an optional 5 or so mile (round trip) scramble to the the top of north mount gardner (el. 8956--highest point in okanogan county). no aid, no drop bags, get water from creeks, carry everything you might need, etc.

the route follows the wolf creek trail just outside of winthrop, wa(15-20 minute drive). the run has about 3000 ft of elevation gain and the scramble adds another 3000ft. this whole adventure usally takes me 6-7 hours. there will be snow on the scramble but that makes climbing easier and the desecent faster! there also will probably be a mile or two of knee deep snow starting at mile 6 or so where the trail doesn't get much sun. and the route is an out and back so we'd have to go back down thru the snow on the way out. this is a fun, scenic, and runnable trail. and the views from the top are incredible!! the early forecast is for partly sunny and in highs the 70s.

we'll meet at trailhead at 8am. email me to rsvp, or for questions and to set up carpool from winthrop. check back for more details (coming soon) and updates.

and there will be a run on sunday too probably in the 10-15 mile range near my house.

Monday, May 11, 2009

the other upcoming fun runs

sorry about the lack of warning. the next one is june 27th, the okanogan outlaw 50 miler with some shorter options too. then july 4th and 5th a two day, 75 mile-ish run in the pasayten wilderness (bring your sleeping bag, etc.). july 18th the shellshocked 50 miler which will also have shorter options. and the last fun run with a set date is the north cascades pct 50k/100k on aug 8th which we'll probably run at nite to take advantage of the full moon.

we'll also be running on the cascade crest 100 mile course the last weekend of july and the first weekend of august and folks are welcome to join us for those runs too!

more details on these and other runs will be coming soon...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Twisp River 60k/14mi Fun Run

The Twisp River 60k/14mi Fun Run, the first in a series of eight Fun Run/Training runs, will be Sunday May 17th. This is not a race! This is just a training run for fun-- no awards, no shirts, no fee, no whining! There will be no aid stations, no water provided, no course markings, or any other hand holding of any kind. However there will be 5 Drop Bag locations, mile 7.7(#1), 14.0(#2), 19.6(#3), 23.6(#4), and 30.0(#5)-- label each bag with corresponding location number.

Both runs will Start at 8am at the Gilbert Trailhead of the Twisp River Trail(#440) and run the full length of the trail down river 14 miles to the W. Buttermilk Rd. Trailhead where the 14 milers finish. The 60k runners continue their trek to Twisp by heading Northeast on W. Buttermilk Rd. (FS 4420) to the E. Buttermilk Rd. (FS 43) which they will climb Southeast for about 8.5 miles to reach the Lookout Ridge Trail(#423). The runners will run the ridge trail about 5 miles to the lookout tower, then backtrack about a third of a mile to the trail that drops down to the trailhead 1.5 miles below. At the trailhead the course will follow an abandoned road to an abandoned trail/road for a few miles and then finally join the Lookout Mountain Rd. (CR 1065) which it will follow the last 3 miles to town.

We'll have a pre-run meeting saturday evening at the Twisp River Pub to go over the course, answer questions, figure out transportation logistics and to collect your drop bags. If you miss this HIGHLY RECOMMENDED meeting you'll have to put out your own drop bags or carry all your stuff the whole way--i'll be putting out the drop bags early in the morning on my way to the start. All runners should carry with them the course description and the greentrails maps (# 83 buttermilk butte and #84 twisp). Folks who are unfamiliar with the area should run with a buddy and should study the maps and course description beforehand. This a point to point course so we will need to leave some cars in Twisp and at the 14 mile finish so we can get back up to the cars at the start.

map 1
map 2
map 3
map 4
map 5

Please email me to RSVP!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cle Elum Ridge 50k and 25k Registration Now Available

photo: glenn tachiyama

hello everyone

the registration is now available at databar events.

50k ENTRANTS LIST (as of 8/17/09)

Chris Allan 52 Seattle WA
david baker 40 Seattle WA
Julian Bray 42 Tacoma WA
Jessica DeLine 38 Lake Oswego OR
Mark Dix 49 Bellevue WA
mike eslinger 49 edmonds WA
Lionel Espinoza 44 Arlington WA
Peter Espinoza 14 Arlington WA
Barbara Evans 30 Bellingham WA
Russ Fish 53 Seattle WA
Scott Flett 62 Seattle WA
Shelly Fojtek 37 Bountiful UT
Rhea George 25 Seattle WA
Mark Gilbert 37 Issaquah WA
holly goodwin chittenden 51 duvall WA
Michael Gray 36 Bonney Lake WA
Vicki Griffiths 66 Bellingham WA
Garrett Grove 27 Bellingham WA
Margaret Haferty 53 North Bend WA
Nathan Hahn 39 Portland OR
Francie Hankins 45 Spokane WA
Chris Hawkins 58 Issaquah WA
adam hewey 41 seattle WA
Ray Holden 48 Seattle WA
Stuart Johnson 42 Bainbridge Island WA
Maxim Kazitov 34 Issaquah WA
Gareth Keown 32 Richland WA
Keith Kesselring 49 Arlington WA
Peter Kline 57 Bellevue WA
Megan Kogut 37 Shoreline WA
Sara Malcolm 26 Seattle WA
joe marshall 36 seattle WA
Kyle Mccoy 30 Seattle WA
David Mount 49 Portland OR
Ted Mueser 52 Seattle WA
jeff OHare 42 Mill Creek WA
Jeff Owens 39 Lake Forest Park WA
Josh Pitts 35 kent WA
Alana Prociuk 42 Vancouver CA
Jon Robinson 30 Seattle WA
James Rucker 30 Spokane WA
aaron sheedy 39 Seattle WA
Lia Slemons 29 Seattle WA
Jacob Smith 23 Richland WA
Stephanie Swaisland 49 Kelowna
Jonathan Symmes 43 Sammamish WA
Gennadii Tertychnyi 30 Bothell WA
Lacy Tipton 28 Bellingham WA
Scott Tomchick 43 Lynnwood WA
Rene Unser 33 Kelowna
Anna waters 30 Richland Wa WA
Jessica West 27 Issaquah WA

25K Entrants List (as of 8/17/09)

Pablo Cabrera 32 MOUNT VERNON WA
Allison Camp 22 Seattle WA
Philip Cash 47 Seattle WA
Brenda Cram 43 Seattle WA
Caryn Everingham 20 Seattle WA
Brian Haats 40 Portland OR
Ellie Horsnell 45 Seattle WA
Adam LeVasseur 41 Seattle WA
Joanna Mendelsohn 46 Seattle WA
Glen Rossi 35 Snoqualmie WA
Sydnee Stoyles 23 Puyallup WA
Robert Stoyles 80 Stayton OR
Dani Taillon 28 Kelowna, BC, Canada
Ashley Trowbridge 33 Stuart FL
Meagan Walker 44 Seattle WA
Phyllis Ying 22 Seattle WA
Matthew Zawel 43 Issaquah WA

Thursday, April 16, 2009

sun mountain makes the news (again).

the local paper did an article before the race and again after the race. and alison again got her picture in one of the local publications, she's quickly (and deservedly so) becoming the cover girl of methow trail running! i think this makes atleast three pictures this year alone! i'm not doing too shaby with one big one on the front page of last week's sports page. we're cool!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sun Mountain Results

hi everyone

thanks for coming out to sun mountain! i'm so glad the weather was nice as it usually is not like today though, rain and wet snow :(

here are the results. we're missing a few names and a few times but the results should be mostly correct. let me know if you see any corrections that need to be made or if it's your name or time that's missing please send that info to me. thanks.

10k*--26 finishers

0:44:14 #26 M
0:44:53 #25 F
0:47:05 #27 M
0:47:20 Heather Racicot F
0:47:50 #29
0:52:05 Lyn Baker F
0:52:21 Altagracia Saldana F
0:53:20 Jim Szumilla M
0:53:30 Ruben Ramirez M
0:54:06 John Pearch M
0:54:17 Chris Ballard F
0:54:45 #22
0:55:07 #24
0:55:10 Scott Ninneman M
0:55:26 #21
0:55:48 Katie Erickson F
1:00:55 Neil Siviy M
1:00:56 Glen Crane M
1:01:15 Vernon Trevellyan M
1:02:30 Laura Houston F
1:04:45 #28
1:05:20 Valerie Wagner F
1:05:40 Karan Godman F
1:06:30 Elizabeth Clark F
1:18:20 Susana Beltran F
1:18:20 #23

* some runners missed the "sprint" loop near the end of the run shortening their race 0.6 miles.

25k--67 finishers

1:56:36 Andrew Rakestraw M
1:58:13 Frank Jacques M
2:07:37 Dave Mora M
2:10:13 Rob Lang M
2:12:47 Mike Modica M
2:14:39 Erik De Silva M
2:17:40 Eli West M
2:19:22 Lucas Whitcher M
2:20:55 Brandon Henry M
2:22:20 William Worrell M
2:24:35 Ulrike Krotscheck F
2:25:15 Charles LeWarne M
2:25:30 Laura Trevellyan F
2:26:32 Chris Davis M
2:27:06 Elizabeth Joneschild F
2:29:53 Dave Fullford M
2:34:20 Michael O'Grady M
2:34:57 Justin DeLong M
2:35:47 Dan Sears M
2:36:08 Rosemarie Donnelly F
2:36:24 Megan Scudder F
2:36:29 Brooke Cruzat F
2:36:29 Ben Cruzat M
2:37:00 David Aspholm M
2:37:45 Jude Apple M
2:38:13 Nina Bakketun F
2:39:59 Caryn Everingham F
2:39:59 Laury Tarte F
2:41:00 Eric Purpus M
2:43:13 Erin Simms F
2:46:56 Dan Chasan M
2:47:00 Jeff Mikesell M
2:47:20 Mara Lemagie F
2:47:20 Megan Zdancewic F
2:48:10 Challis Stringer F
2:48:40 Shannon Palmer F
2:50:17 Christy Jen F
2:50:50 Dave Molenaar M
2:51:59 Leni Karr F
2:52:39 Kristan Wheeler F
2:52:50 Kimberly Shavender F
2:53:00 Allison Camp F
2:53:00 Angela Loihl F
2:53:30 Seth Layman M
2:53:30 Molly Mae Layman F
2:54:12 Julei Hinty F
2:54:52 Pamela Jacques F
2:55:00 Wayne Ballew M
2:57:52 Tara Gill F
2:59:45 Heidi Perry F
3:00:30 Jason Bator M
3:02:50 Sophia Dulak F
3:03:00 Phyillis Ying F
3:11:00 Gail Forshaw F
3:11:00 George Forshaw M
3:16:00 Anne Raisler F
3:22:00 Jamie Keizer F
3:29:30 Ehben Eliot M
3:29:50 Judy Kotopski F
3:29:59 Jennifer Seward F
3:33:30 Russ Fish M
3:33:40 Genissa Sygitowicz F
3:37:05 Rebecca Joyce F
3:40:00 Tamara Cartwright F
3:41:00 Karen Wiggins F
4:17:20 Cheryl Kelly F
4:50:37 Michael Sebring M

50k--52 finishers

4:19:40 Brian Morrison M
4:24:10 Chris Twardczik M
4:35:04 Justin Yates M
4:38:40 Matthew Simms M
4:40:10 Hozumi Nakai M
4:40:10 Miles Ohlrich M
4:40:10 Scott Tremblay M
4:48:30 Brendan Trimboli M
4:59:27 Jon Robinson M
5:05:55 Erik Brooks M
5:15:45 Bruce Grant M
5:23:10 Rob Fransen M
5:30:24 Matthew Hagenah M
5:33:37 Jamie Gifford M
5:34:16 Jason Dashow M
5:35:15 Shawn Wallich M
5:35:40 Dan Probst M
5:38:03 Chase Mueller M
5:38:10 Dan Baier M
5:38:30 Barbara Evans F
5:42:20 Greg Ripley M
5:43:50 Marty Fagan M
5:49:10 Joe Marshall M
5:55:02 Wendy Wheeler-Jacobs F
5:59:20 Nick Cooksey M
5:59:20 Deb McInally F
6:02:10 Kathleen Egan F
6:06:14 Phil Gregory M
6:09:10 Ben Barlag M
6:10:50 Glen Mangiantini M
6:13:30 Francie Hankins F
6:17:50 Michelle Maislen F
6:19:30 Kris Ryding F
6:20:00 Caroline Ly F
6:25:00 Martha Grant F
6:27:20 Mark Warner M
6:32:20 Jon Karlen M
6:36:50 Janet Casal F
6:46:30 Schon Branum M
6:51:45 Joel Pederson M
6:53:18 Gary Marr M
6:54:00 Blair Williams M
7:00:30 Wild Bill Voiland M
7:06:40 Stuart Johnston M
7:08:30 Michael Cartwright M
7:12:39 Rich White M
7:12:39 Linda Barton F
7:14:40 Adam LeVasseur M
7:16:10 Scotty Railton M
7:43:30 Peter Kline M
7:54:10 Rainer Schulz M
8:05:50 Rick Hasse M

Monday, April 6, 2009

latest course update

hi everyone

the weather has finally started acting like normal, it's been sunny and warm the last 3 days and is supposed to be same for the next two days. the course has improved greatly but there's still a large portion of the trails under a thin but stubborn layer of snow. i'll continue to monitor the situation and make a final decision on the routes on wed nite/thursday morning. but at this point i would guess we're looking at a 2-3 loop 50k, 1 or 1.5 loop 25k, and the 10k and 1k courses also might be different than previously shown.

stay tuned and think warm thoughts!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Sun Mountain Update #2

Hi everyone

here's a quick update.

the snow is not melting as fast as i had hoped, the warm weather has yet to arrive. although it's forecated to finally begin tommarow but i'm guessing i'll have to make changes to the courses to avoid the worst trail conditions. i've got a few options in mind but i'll have to wait and see if these predicted warmer temps. actually happen and what that does to change the current conditions. no matter what the race will happen! the 50k and maybe 25k might have to do multiple loops if there is a limited amount of useable trails. i think by monday or tuesday nite i'll have a much better idea and i will update again then. and then on thursday i'll make a final decision on the routes. the start/finish location will not change. i probably won't get maps up on the website until thursday nite at the earliest but will try to have hard copies at the starting line for folks to take if they want but they will not be nessecary since the course will be adequately marked. special shoes or traction devices i'm guessing won't be needed but i'll be sure to let you all know if that changes-- right now there are very few icy spots and ski trails are actually in good shape for running on but the snowshoe trails and the few trails that are not used at all in the winter are the ones that are the most irratating to try to run on.

On a lighter note in keeping with the tradition of all my races we'll have yummy food and tasty drinks at the finish . we'll have great pizza from East 20 Pizza in Winthrop and great local micro brewed beer from The Old Schoolhouse Brewery also from Winthrop. We'll also have juice and cookies or some other kind of snacks. Vegans or other folks with dietary situations please email me to let me know so i can meet your needs. Also to reduce waste we highly encourage you to bring your own plate and cup/beer stein from home to use for the post race meal!

We'll also have custom awards made by local metal artist Jerry Merz for the top male and female finsihers in the 50k, 25k and 10k. And be sure to stick around after you finish we'll have random drawing prizes throught out the day from some our sponsors such as: Winthrop Mountain Sports, Methow Cycle and Sport, Nuun, and Bluebird Grain Farms.

Also please carpool to the start. The parking is limited and it's just the cool thing to do! if you need help finding a carpool buddy check out the the page on the blogsite:

ok thanks again and stay tuned for more info to come...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Please Carpool to Sun Mountain!

Most of the runners attending the first annual Sun Mountain races will be driving over from west of the mountains. Carpooling is fun, good for the pocket book and for the environment no matter where you're coming from. Please consider talking to your friends who are also coming to the run to see if you can ride together or if they don't have room for you or if you're new to the sport don't hesitate to comment to this blog post with the details of your situation: where, when, how many you can put in your car, contact info, etc. To see who else has signed up for the races check the link to the Entrants List.

Carpooling seemed to be quite sucessful for our last race (Orcas Island) and I hope that'll be the case again! Thanks everyone!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

There is still room for you at the Sun Mountain Races!

This weekend at chuckanut more than a couple people came up to me and asked if the Sun Mountain races were full. The Race is NOT full, there are more than 100 people signed up but the limit is 250. I don't know how this rumor got started but don't worry it's not too late for you to sign up, either the old fashioned way or online at Databar Events

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Chickadee 1K Course Description

1K Course Description

From the Chickadee Warming hut the kids will run the 1k Chickadee loop in a clockwise direction.

Sun Mountain 10k Course Description

10k Course Description (altered on march 23rd)

Start at chickadee trailhead
Head down thompson ridge rd
Turn Left onto rodeo
Right onto homestead
Right onto black bear
Pass the grizzly hill junctions (don't follow the 50k course up the hill)
Turn right and uphill on the Winthrop trail
Cross patterson lake rd and join cabin trail (don't do the patterson mountain loop!)
Stay on cabin trail (don't turn left onto patterson lake trail)
Turn Right onto chickadee
Finish at chickadee trailhead

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sun Mountain Lodging Options

There are numerous options for lodging in the Methow Valley and lots of them are 10 miles or less from the start/finish. Two of which are obvious choices: Sun Mountain Lodge and The Chewuch Inn.

Sun Mountain Lodge, a AAA Four Diamond rated resort, is just a couple miles from the start/finish and is running a special on race weekend: $120 for any room which is huge discount!

The Chewuch Inn, owned and operated by trailrunners, is the next closest option to the race course and is in walking distance to all the shops and restaurants in downtown Winthrop. They are offereing a special deal created especially for you the Sun Mountain Racers: "Sun Mountain Race Package" The Chewuch Inn has helped runners, skiers & bikers perform their very best on race day with a good nights sleep and our great breakfasts. Now we're offering a great price too! * Runners, stay two nights at The Chewuch Inn at our already quiet season rates and receive 50% off the second night, enjoy an early "runners breakfast" the morning of the run, & our famous buffet breakfast on your morning off. After you return to the Inn, basking in
glory, soothe those tired feet & muscles in our outdoor hot tub. Racers please ask for our "Sun Mountain Race Package" to receive our special offer. 800-747-3107 or (request a reservation page)

The Winthrop Chamber of Commerece and Central Reservations are two other resources to help you find a place to lay your head in the Methow Valley, including numerous options for motels, cabin rentals, and camping.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Winter Running Options in the Methow

Hi everyone

On the Methow Valley Running Club Google Group I just created a new page about all the options for winter running in the Methow Valley. You can check it out (even if you're not a club member) at:

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Retreat Update

There are still some spots availalbe for the women's retreat over Memorial Day. After looking at the cabin (it's great!), there is room outside for three tents, so I'm opening up spots to let more people in. The cost for everything for people wanting to sleep in tents will be $250. That includes all food, yoga, runs (and transportation to runs) and of course you can use the cabin facilities. There are spots for three tents, but if there are people who are willing to share tents, that would allow a few others.

I've had some questions about the yoga. It will be my favorite, Vinyasa, flow yoga, that incorporates breath with movement. Our runs will be around Mazama and could include (depending on weather) Cedar Creek, Robinson Creek, West Fork of the Methow, and some local trails around Mazama.

The cabin is also close to a rock climbing wall for both bouldering and roped climbs, so if anyone likes to climb you can bring stuff for the free time. There is also great mountain biking if anyone wants to bring that along. All kinds of things to do here!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

2009 Orcas Results

ok folks here are the approved by the pope and the white house "official" results for the 50k and 25k with nearly all the runners ages too! enjoy...


4.32.49 Adam Lint 25
4.38.32 Gary Robbins 32
5.00.55 Chris Twardzick 31
5.00.55 Miles Ohlrich 39
5.12.33 Albert Lam 30
5.14.38 Brendan Trimboli 21
5.16.59 Brian Nelson 28
5.18.10 Ellie Greenwood 29
5.19.15 Nicole Seana 27
5.22.41 Shawna Wilskey 36
5.26.28 Kevin Reinkensmyer 37
5.34.15 Dean Burton 42
5.41.35 Greg Norrander 39
5.45.02 Ralph Pooler 42
5.47.10 Adam Hewey 41
5.48.03 Rafel Albert 32
5.48.26 Tom Craik 35
5.49.54 Monica Ochs 39
5.55.19 Pteteris Ledins 26
5.55.54 Jon Robinson 29
5.56.56 Gavin Woody 31
5.59.58 Randy Duncan 47
6.05.01 Steve Roberge 36
6.09.00 Darin Sheilds 41
6.11.36 Justin Jablonowski 28
6.14.45 Ian Marshall 37
6.15.05 Owen Connell 44
6.15.11 David Crerar 39
6.15.18 Dan Paquette 33
6.15.18 Jove Graham 25
6.19.15 Arthur Martineau 41
6.19.15 Barbara Evans 29
6.19.40 Dave Mora 44
6.19.52 Wendy Wheeler-Jacobs 41
6.20.17 Allison Moore 39
6.21.47 Paul Heffernan 34
6.21.49 Alvin Crain 36
6.22.55 Dennis Gamroth 38
6.22.55 Ken Ward 50
6.24.22 Mike Palichuk 40
6.26.09 Van Phan 37
6.31.28 Allen Skytta 31
6.35.40 Chandler Gehlhausen 29
6.35.40 Dan Baier 34
6.36.46 Logan Beaulieu 36
6.37.10 Joe Tompkins 38
6.39.46 Colin McWilliams 26
6.44.20 Roy Seliber 48
6.44.30 Frank Schnekenburger 48
6.48.05 Adrienne Stedford 24
6.51.12 Linda Barton 30
6.56.38 Tonya Hoffman 28
6.57.00 Will Thomas 30
6.57.16 Duncan Coo 40
6.59.45 Randy Gaylord 51
7.01.34 Glen Mangiantini 51
7.03.02 Herb Reeves 55
7.07.07 John Wilson 33
7.07.07 Krys Pick 28
7.07.07 Paul Smith 50
7.07.25 Deb McInally-Hutton 38
7.07.25 Michelle Maislen 34
7.09.37 Kris Ryding 45
7.09.37 Tate Kelley 29
7.11.32 Christel Elliott 31
7.11.32 Heidi Perry 37
7.13.51 Dan Probst 30
7.14.05 Carsten Buus 41
7.15.44 Heidi Dietrich 29
7.16.06 Caroline Ly 34
7.18.03 Stuart Johnston 51
7.18.23 Francie Hankins 44
7.21.08 Olaf Weckner 33
7.22.16 Scott Montgomery 31
7.25.58 Jean-Goel Reboul 32
7.26.04 Craig Henela 33
7.26.04 Scott Krell 48
7.33.40 Charlie Crissman 40
7.33.40 Rich White 28
7.35.33 Robert Kirchmiller 32
7.39.12 Shawn McTaggart 31
7.39.12 Tony Covarrubias 48
7.39.18 Angela Sheilds 39
7.39.18 Leanne Langer 40
7.45.52 Michael Cartwright 42
7.48.46 Dave Coates 35
7.48.50 Des Bazett 56
7.49.17 Kurt Lauer 47
7.50.40 Chris Jensen 49
7.50.52 Moe Beaulieu 64
7.50.57 Sean Lavin 38
7.51.50 Eric Barnes 52
7.51.50 Steve Stoyles 52
7.51.54 Lindsay Felker 27
7.52.12 Helen Holmes 26
7.54.05 Genissa Sygitowicz 30
7.55.42 Jeff Loen 51
7.57.29 Holly Anderson 25
7.57.29 Vince Rucci 32
8.02.35 Kim Lobree 46
8.06.12 Matthew Hovelman-Jones 40
8.19.24 Karen Wiggins 49
8.20.39 Meg Burtch 51
8.31.53 Robert Jacobsen 51
9.00.34 Ilana Balint 30
9.09.50 Sue Sisson 50


2.05.55 Bjorn Begelman 24
2.12.53 Steve Roguski 50
2.22.06 Krissy Moehl 30
2.22.43 Jeff Phillips 38
2.22.52 Joe Marshall 36
2.27.09 Jenny Knight 37
2.27.30 Susan Reynolds 43
2.29.06 Tia Gabalita 40
2.30.11 Graham Johnson 28
2.30.41 Bryan Dryer 30
2.30.43 Jeffrey Smith 40
2.30.58 Ulrike Krotschek 33
2.32.28 Mitch Parker 48
2.32.47 Jonathan Berry 37
2.33.21 Minnie Bredouw 24
2.38.25 John Atkinson 35
2.39.10 Guy Boulanger 47
2.41.11 John Neels 55
2.41.48 Renah Seay 31
2.41.58 Merita Trohimovich 42
2.43.20 Brian Goodremont
2.44.24 Jean Higgins-Pertto 39
2.46.32 Brian Landeu 39
2.47.05 Laura Trevellyn 24
2.48.57 Sukhi Pawa 46
2.49.25 Adam LeVasseur 40
2.49.40 Cassie Scallon 26
2.54.48 John Herron 46
2.55.50 Laura Leno 52
2.57.42 Megan Sudder 42
2.58.48 Silvia Fehr 43
2.59.44 Rosemarie Donnelly 41
3.00.08 Yun Cheung-Ford 29
3.00.14 Challis Stringer 33
3.00.20 Brandon Sybrowsky
3.01.07 Heidi Jemenez 30
3.01.22 Queena Beebe 31
3.04.00 Ryan Malarkey 27
3.04.00 Wendy-Sue Andrew 46
3.06.27 Mark Bodaner
3.06.33 Kelly Tuohig 31
3.06.36 Bill Ames 53
3.06.40 Fawn Freeman 48
3.06.43 Joel Pederson
3.06.51 Cindy Petrson 53
3.07.39 Dave Molanaar
3.07.44 Angela Loihl 39
3.08.17 Ethan Bergman
3.08.30 Erin Simms 40
3.08.30 Pamela Jacques 50
3.12.42 Theresa Westfall 50
3.12.50 William Koch 51
3.14.01 Jude Apple
3.14.05 Coach Dahl
3.14.32 Fergus Mooney 54
3.16.01 Scott McCoubrey
3.16.18 Brad Williams 50
3.16.23 Rod Brown 61
3.16.32 Kristen Ton 35
3.16.37 Chris Ford 31
3.17.12 David Zoeller 59
3.17.50 Lara Pollard 28
3.18.13 Kristal Sager 34
3.18.30 Gail Forshaw 59
3.18.30 George Forshaw 59
3.18.47 Molly Layman 29
3.18.57 Peter Moe
3.19.06 Laury Tarte 21
3.19.06 Phyllis Ying 22
3.19.40 Wayne Ballew 41
3.23.21 Craig Carlson 61
3.23.21 Debbie Gallow 54
3.24.15 Sarah Woody 31
3.24.27 Jenny Pearson 28
3.25.37 Holly Graham-Clevenger 42
3.25.37 Pablo Cabrera
3.31.50 Sophia Dulak 20
3.31.51 Allison Camp 21
3.31.51 Lisa Roth 21
3.33.10 Clark Gilbert 54
3.33.14 Chris Doherty 46
3.33.14 Jenny Pederson 54
3.33.28 Bill Walker 58
3.33.40 Andrea Becker
3.35.53 Russ Fish 52
3.36.25 Onderj Sklonar 26
3.36.52 Lesley VonEschen 37
3.37.12 Ashlea Frank 28
3.37.12 Jay Frank 29
3.37.57 Kathy Jones 39
3.41.18 Kami Mahoney
3.43.17 Kate Gigler 29
3.43.17 Scott Minneman 40
3.43.17 Scott Sparks 45
3.46.45 Desiree Seer 43
3.46.45 Robin Loen
3.48.13 Lisa Maitland 53
3.53.35 Michael Liles 52
3.53.53 Heidi Daigler 34
3.54.36 Amber Maurin 27
3.55.52 Hannah Rood 28
3.57.38 Kevin Letchford 34
3.57.38 Trinh Tran 29
4.00.34 Yvonne Smith 43
4.01.29 Jennifer Dwyer 20
4.01.51 Melissa Stromberg 24
4.05.10 Mel VanHouten 69
4.05.17 David Lygre 66
4.05.20 Heidi Fitzgerald 52
4.06.32 Sharon Gamroth 43
4.09.04 Jenn Carter 32
4.09.09 Rod Sawyer 37
4.09.10 Jennifer Seward 35
4.32.42 Ashley Traubridge 32
4.32.42 Peter Desantis 33
4.35.00 Maria Seliber 48
4.35.00 Tamara Cartwright 47
4.40.41 Katherine Bellows 56
4.40.41 Mario Martinez 55
4.46.23 Roderic Langer 39
4.48.36 Laine Boerelman 49
5.16.34 Jennifer Martineau 36
5.16.34 Michelle Barnes 51
5.16.34 Sydnee Stoyles 22

Sun Mountain Entrants (4/7/09)

hi there everyone

we've a great response so far for the Sun Mountain trail races: 153 entrants so far. below is the list if your name is not on there but it should be please let me know or if your friends haven't signed up be sure to remind them to sign up before we reach our 250 runner limit!

Distance Name City State
1 Owen Bard Twisp WA
1 Keenan Fagan North Bend WA
1 Ryo Karr North Bend WA
1 Simone Karr North Bend WA
1 Justin Seward Olympia WA
1 Julia Seward Olympia WA
1 Jahnik Williams Seattle WA
1 Emerson Worrell Winthrop WA
10 Susana Beltran Seattle WA
10 Elizabeth Clark Seattle WA
10 Glen Crane Tumwater WA
10 Katie Erickson Olympia WA
10 Karan Godman Winthrop WA
10 Guy Johnson Seattle WA
10 Scott Ninneman
10 John Pearch Olympia WA
10 Ruben Ramirez Shoreline WA
10 Altagracia Saldana Shoreline WA
10 Neil Siviy Olympia WA
10 Jim Szumilla Olympia WA
10 Vernon Trevellyan Vashon WA
25 Jude Apple Anacortes WA
25 Lyn Baker Issaquah WA
25 Nina Bakketun Clinton WA
25 Chris Ballard Winthrop WA
25 Wayne Ballew Olympia WA
25 Jason Bator Seattle WA
25 Minnie Bredouw Seattle WA
25 Allison Camp Seattle WA
25 Tamara Cartwright Bellevue WA
25 Dan Chasan Vashon WA
25 Brooke Cruzat Maple Valley WA
25 Chris Davis Maple Valley WA
25 Erik De Silva Burien WA
25 Justin DeLong Lynnwood WA
25 Rosemarie Donnelly Langley WA
25 Sophia Dulak Palo Alto CA
25 Ehben Eliot Everson WA
25 Caryn Everingham Vanouver WA
25 Russ Fish Seattle WA
25 Gail Forshaw Port Coquitlam BC
25 George Forshaw Port Coquitlam BC
25 Fawn Freeman Tacoma WA
25 Tara Gill Vancouver BC
25 Martha Grant Delta BC
25 Brandon Henry Langley WA
25 Julei Hinty Seattle WA
25 Laura Houston Seattle WA
25 Pamela Jacques Langley WA
25 Frank Jacques Langley WA
25 Kathy Jones Seattle WA
25 Elizabeth Joneschild Seattle WA
25 Rebecca Joyce SeaTac WA
25 Leni Karr North Bend WA
25 Cheryl Kelly Redmond WA
25 Judy Kotopski Kelowna BC
25 Ulrike Krotscheck Olympia WA
25 Rob Lang Surrey BC
25 Seth Layman Clinton WA
25 Molly Mae Layman Langley WA
25 Mara Lemagie Seattle WA
25 Maris Lemba Seattle WA
25 Charles LeWarne Clinton WA
25 Mike Modica Seattle WA
25 Dave Molenaar Olympia WA
25 Cindy Peterson Mercer Island WA
25 Heather Racicot Langley WA
25 Anne Raisler Seattle WA
25 Andrew Rakestraw Seattle WA
25 Joshua Scott Centralia WA
25 Megan Scudder Langley WA
25 Michael Sebring Redmond WA
25 Jennifer Seward Olympia WA
25 Kimberly Shavender Seattle WA
25 Erin Simms Langley WA
25 Challis Stringer Langley WA
25 Laury Tarte Seattle WA
25 Laura Trevellyan Eastsound WA
25 Kristan Wheeler Freeland WA
25 Blaine Wishart Mill Valley CA
25 William Worrell Winthrop WA
25 Megan Zdancewic Seattle WA
50 Terry Abrams Spokane WA
50 Dan Baier Issaquah WA
50 Ben Barlag Seattle WA
50 Linda Barton Everett WA
50 Schon Branum Kirkland WA
50 Erik Brooks Winthrop WA
50 Dean Burton Orting WA
50 Michael Cartwright Bellevue WA
50 Janet Casal
50 Nick Cooksey Seattle WA
50 Ben Cruzat Maple Valley WA
50 Jason Dashow Seattle WA
50 Heidi Dietrich Seattle WA
50 Kathleen Egan Medina WA
50 Barbara Evans Bellingham WA
50 Chris Fagan North Bend WA
50 Marty Fagan North Bend WA
50 Andrew Feucht Lynnwood WA
50 Dave Fullford Issaquah WA
50 Jamie Gifford SeaTac WA
50 Dustin Gilbert Seattle WA
50 Bruce Grant Delta BC
50 Phil Gregory Columbia SC
50 Matthew Hagenah Seattle WA
50 Francie Hankins Spokane WA
50 Alison Hanks Winthrop WA
50 Rick Hasse Shoreline WA
50 Stuart Johnston Seattle WA
50 Jon Karlen Port Orchard WA
50 Jamie Keizer Snoqualmie WA
50 Peter Kline Bellevue WA
50 Adam LeVasseur Seattle WA
50 Angela Loihl Seattle WA
50 Caroline Ly Seattle WA
50 Michelle Maislen Woodinville WA
50 Glen Mangiantini Bellevue WA
50 Gary Marr Snohomish WA
50 Joe Marshall Seattle WA
50 Deb McInally Seattle WA
50 Jeff Mikesell Issaquah WA
50 Scott Montgomery Seattle WA
50 Brian Morrison Seattle WA
50 Hozumi Nakai Vancouver BC
50 Miles Ohlrich Seattle WA
50 Shannon Palmer Snoqualmie WA
50 Dan Paquette Seattle WA
50 Joel Pederson Seattle WA
50 Heidi Perry Lacey WA
50 Dan Probst Bellingham WA
50 Scotty Railton Mt. Vernon WA
50 Kevin Reinkensmeyer Fircrest WA
50 Greg Ripley Eastsound WA
50 Jon Robinson Seattle WA
50 Kris Ryding Tumwater WA
50 Julie Sandoz Lake Forest Park WA
50 Rainer Schulz Roy WA
50 Dan Sears Bellevue WA
50 Matthew Simms Langley WA
50 Genissa Sygitowicz Bellingham WA
50 Scott Tremblay Kaleden BC
50 Brendan Trimboli Seattle WA
50 Valerie Wagner Renton WA
50 Shawn Wallich Kaleden BC
50 Mark Warner Seattle WA
50 Wendy Wheeler-Jacobs Sammamish WA
50 Lucas Whitcher Ellensburg WA
50 Rich White Tacoma WA
50 Karen Wiggins Bremerton WA
50 Blair Williams Seattle WA
50 Justin Yates Missoula MT
50 Phyllis Ying Seattle WA

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Alison's Trail Running and Yoga Retreat for Women!

Hello all!

I'm very excited to announce that I have reserved a beautiful cabin in Mazama, Washington for eight lucky women (sorry guys, you'll have to convice James to put on a male bonding weekend) to come have a trail running and yoga retreat in the north cascades. We'll have yoga tailored specifically for us, runs of all distances each day, and yummy, organic, locally grown food (including local chocolates and wine), in my favorite place. More details to follow, but if you are interested, email me soon, as there will only be space for eight people.

What: Run, do yoga, eat, meet great women
When: Memorial Day weekend (May 22-25)
Where: Mazama, Washington
Why: Why not?
How much: $500 including all lodging and meals

Email me at for more information or to register.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Partnership for a Sustainable Methow!

As some of you might already know, we are donating a portion of every entry from our upcoming Sun Mountain races to Partnership for a Sustainable Methow (PSM), a local non-profit organization. I want to take a few minutes to explain all that PSM does for our community.

Based in Twisp, PSM works to "initiate, encourage and support activities that foster long-term sustainability and well-being in the Methow Valley Community." This amazing group of dedicated folks organize sustainability classes each month to learn how to do things from knitting to canning to skiing; publish the journal Sustinere that gives readers new ideas to live more lightly; hold "classroom in bloom" where students learn about agriculture and gardening firsthand during school; partner with another non-profit to grow organic food for low income folks; and put together The Local Source, a directory of services, products and resources in the valley to strengthen the local economy and community. As if that's not enough, they also bring the valley together each fall for a harvest dinner. Farms of all sizes donate food and a local chef puts together an amzaing menu for us all (last year there were over 200 people in attendance) to enjoy as we meet new people and the people who grow our food.

The programs PSM initiate simultaneously empower us to be more self-sufficient and draw the community together, two things that seem to be increasingly important. We are lucky to have such a resource in our area and are excited to support the work they do.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Orcas Results(revised 2/10) and Thank Yous!

Hi everyone

we just got home and the first thing i want to do i say thank you to everyone for coming out and making it such a great weekend on orcas island! Huge huge thanks go out to the many volunteers who pitched in all weekend to make this event possible and to all of the runners who also did thier part by doing dishes and cleaning up. Thanks so much you guys made my life much easier!!

and below are the preliminary results. please check them and let me know what changes we need to make before making them official. i'm certain some 50k runners took the early start but we haven't reflected that on their times so please if you took the early start double check your posted time below:


2.05.55 Bjorn Begelman
2.12.53 Steve Roguski
2.22.06 Krissy Moehl
2.22.43 Jeff Phillips
2.22.52 Joe Marshall
2.27.09 Jenny Knight
2.27.30 Susan Reynolds
2.29.06 Tia Gabalita
2.30.11 Graham Johnson
2.30.41 Bryan Dryer
2.30.43 Jeffrey Smith
2.30.58 Ulrike Krotschek
2.32.28 Mitch Parker
2.32.47 Jonathan Berry
2.33.21 Minnie Bredouw
2.38.25 John Atkinson
2.39.10 Guy Boulanger
2.41.11 John Neels
2.41.48 Rena Seay
2.41.58 Merita Trohimovich
2.43.20 Brian Goodremont
2.44.24 Jean Higgins-Pertto
2.46.32 Brian Landeu
2.47.05 Laura Trevelyn
2.48.57 Sukhi Pawa
2.49.25 Adam LeVasseur
2.49.40 Cassie Scallon
2.54.48 John Herron
2.55.50 Laura Leno
2.57.42 Megan Sudder
2.58.48 Silvia Fehr
2.59.44 Rosemary Donnelly
3.00.08 Yun Cheung-Ford
3.00.14 Challis Stringer
3.00.20 Brandon Sybrowsky
3.01.07 Heidi Jemenez
3.01.22 Queena Beebe
3.04.00 Wedy-Sue Andrew
3.04.00 Ryan Malarkey
3.06.27 Mark Bodaner
3.06.33 Kelly Tuohig
3.06.36 Bill Ames
3.06.40 Fawn Freeman
3.06.43 Joel Pderson
3.06.51 Cindy Petrson
3.07.39 Dave Molanaar
3.07.44 Angela Loihl
3.08.17 Ethan Bergman
3.08.30 Erin Simms
3.08.30 Pamela Jacques
3.12.42 Theresa Westfall
3.12.50 William Koch
3.14.01 Jude Apple
3.14.05 Coach Dahl
3.14.32 Fergus Mooney
3.16.01 Scott McCoubrey
3.16.18 Brad Williams
3.16.23 Rod Brown
3.16.32 Kristen Ton
3.16.37 Chris Ford
3.17.12 David Zoeller
3.17.50 Lara Pollard
3.18.13 Kristal Sager
3.18.30 George Forshaw
3.18.30 Gail Forshaw
3.18.47 Molly Layman
3.18.57 Peter Moe
3.19.06 Laury Tarte
3.19.06 Phyllis Ying
3.19.40 Wayne Ballew
3.23.21 Debbie Gallow
3.23.21 Craig Carlson
3.24.15 Sarah Woody
3.24.27 Jenny Pearson
3.25.37 Holly Graham-Clevenger
3.25.37 Pablo Cabrera
3.31.50 Sophia Dulak
3.31.51 Allison Camp
3.31.51 Lisa Roth
3.33.10 Clark Gilbert
3.33.14 Chris Doherty
3.33.14 Jenny Pederson
3.33.28 Bill Walker
3.33.40 Andrea Becker
3.35.53 Russ Fish
3.36.25 Onderj Sklonar
3.36.52 Lesley VonEschen
3.37.12 Jay Frank
3.37.12 Ashlea Frank
3.37.57 Kathy Jones
3.41.18 Kami Mahoney
3.43.17 Scott Sparks
3.43.17 Scott Minneman
3.43.17 Kate Gigler
3.46.45 Robin Loen
3.46.45 Desiree Seer
3.48.13 Lisa Maitland
3.53.35 Michael Liles
3.53.53 Heidi Daigler
3.54.36 Amber Maurin
3.55.52 Hannah Rood
3.57.38 Kevin Letchford
3.57.38 Trinh Tran
4.00.34 Yvonne Smith
4.01.29 Jennifer Dwyer
4.01.51 Melissa Stromberg
4.05.10 Mel VanHouten
4.05.17 David Lygre
4.05.20 Heidi Fitzgerald
4.06.32 Sharon Gamroth
4.09.04 Jenn Carter
4.09.09 Rod Sawyer
4.09.10 Jennifer Seward
4.32.42 Ashley Traubridge
4.32.42 Peter Desantis
4.35.00 Tamara Cartwright
4.35.00 Maria Seliber
4.40.41 Mario Martinez
4.40.41 Katherine Bellows
4.46.23 Roderic Langer
4.48.36 Laine Boerelman
5.16.34 Sydnee Stoyles
5.16.34 Michelle Barnes
5.16.34 Jennifer Martineau


4.32.49 Adam Lint
4.38.32 Gary Robbins
5.00.55 Miles Ohlrich
5.00.55 Chris Twardzick
5.12.33 Albert Lam
5.14.38 Brendan Triboli
5.16.59 Brian Nelson
5.18.10 Ellie Greenwood
5.19.15 Nicole Seana
5.22.41 Shawna Wilskey
5.26.28 Kevin Reinkensmyer
5.41.35 Greg Norrander
5.45.02 Ralph Pooler
5.47.10 Adam Hewey
5.47.54 Monica Ochs
5.48.03 Rafel Albert
5.48.26 Tom Craik
5.55.19 Pteteris Ledins
5.55.54 Jon Robinson
5.56.56 Gavin Woody
5.59.58 Randy Duncan
6.05.01 Steve Roberge
6.09.00 Darin Shields
6.11.36 Justin Jablonowski
6.14.45 Ian Marshall
6.15.05 Owen Connell
6.15.11 David Crerar
6.15.18 Jove Graham
6.15.18 Dan Paquette
6.19.15 Arthur Martineau
6.19.40 Dave Mora
6.19.52 Wendy Wheeler-Jacobs
6.20.17 Allison Moore
6.21.47 Paul Heffernan
6.21.49 Alvin Crain
6.22.55 Dennis Gamroth
6.22.55 Ken Ward
6.24.22 Mike Palichuk
6.26.09 Van Phan
6.31.28 Allen Skytta
6.35.40 Dan Baier
6.35.40 Chandler Gehlhausen
6.36.46 Logan Beaulieu
6.37.10 Joe Tompkins
6.39.46 Colin McWilliams
6.44.20 Roy Seliber
6.44.30 Frank Schnekenburger
6.48.05 Adrienne Stedford
6.51.12 Linda Barton
6.56.38 Tonya Hoffman
6.57.00 Will Thomspon
6.57.16 Duncan Coo
6.59.45 Randy Gaylord
7.01.34 Glen Mangiantini
7.03.02 Herb Reeves
7.07.07 Krys Pick
7.07.07 John Wilson
7.07.07 Paul Smith
7.07.25 Michelle Maislen
7.07.25 Deb McInally-Hutton
7.09.37 Kris Ryding
7.09.37 Tate Kelly
7.11.32 Heidi Perry
7.11.32 Christel Eliott
7.13.51 Dan Probst
7.14.05 Carsten Buus
7.15.44 Heidi Dietrich
7.16.02 Barbara Evans
7.16.06 Caroline Ly
7.18.03 Stewart Johnston
7.18.23 Francie Hankins
7.20.39 Meg Burtch
7.21.08 Olaf Weckner
7.22.16 Scott Montgomery
7.25.58 Jean-Goel Reboul
7.26.04 Scott Krell
7.26.04 Craig Henela
7.31.53 Robert Jacobson
7.33.40 Rich White
7.33.40 Charlie Crissman
7.35.33 Robert Kirchmiller
7.39.12 Tony Corvarubias
7.39.12 Shawn McTaggart
7.39.18 Angela Shields
7.39.18 Leanne Langer
7.45.52 Michael Cartwright
7.48.46 Dave Coates
7.48.50 Des Bezett
7.49.17 Kurt Lauer
7.50.40 Chris Jensen
7.50.52 Moe the Eagle
7.50.57 Sean Lavin
7.51.50 Eric Barnes
7.51.50 Steve Stoyles
7.51.54 Lindsay Felker
7.52.12 Helen Holms
7.54.05 Genissa Sygitowicz
7.55.42 Jeff Loen
7.57.29 Vince Rucci
7.57.29 Holly Anderson
8.02.35 Kim Lobree
8.06.12 Matthew Hovelman-Jones
8.19.24 Karen Wiggins
9.00.34 Ilana Balint
9.09.50 Sue Sisson

Thursday, February 5, 2009

orcas update #3

hi everyone

this is probably the last email i'll send to everyone before the race on saturday. thanks again for signing up for what will hopefully be a fun weekend on orcas island. the weather could be worse than forecasted so please come prepared for nasty weather especially up high. a jacket, hat, and gloves are highly recomended. also remember that most of the time you're on your own with just one aid station for the 25k and two for the 50k and that you need to carry atleast one water bottle or hydration pack while running.

Getting here:
on the blog i have a simplified ferry schedule and on friday afternoon we'll put the yellow road signs to point the way to the park, which is on the far side of the island from the ferry landing. the address for folks who want directions is: 4600 olga rd, olga, wa 98279

Please do your part to help out:
in the past orcas has been huge success thanks to everyone lending a hand. please carpool the parking is limited. also please wash your own dishes after the post-race meal-- we don't use disposable dishes to help reduce our impact on planet. and if you're staying the nite at the camp please help clean up your cabin or the main lodge before you go-- the lodging is cheap in part because there's no maid service to clean up after we leave. with this many people if everyone does just a little it won't take much time at all. thanks in advance!!

What to Bring:
if you're spending the night with us at camp moran don't forget your: sleeping bag(or sheets and blankets) and pillow, towel and toiletries, food to cook in the kitchen, food to share at the "pot-lick" (pot-luck) if you want on friday night. firewood for the woodstove in the mainlodge is always appreciated. and for friday nite's pre-race fun bring your favorite running movie(dvd) and or board game! also a normal sized glass for drinking out of is a good idea since the only glasses at the camp are kid sized.

Aid Stations:
in trying to keep with the spirit of a true fat ass run there are very few aid stations, just one for the 25k and two for the 50k. at the aid stations we'll have a limited variety of food and we'll have water and Nuun(electrolyte drink). we will also transport warm clothes and or extra food to the mt constitution aid station ( mile 6.4 for 25k/mile 22 for 50k)if you want-- just put what you want in a bag with your name and bib number on it and bring it to the start/finish and put it on the designated tables. there will also be a "drop bag" table for the camp moran aid station (50k only at mile 10) again just bring it to the start/finsih and put on the proper table. there will also be a water only aid station for the 50k at mile 19 just before the steep climb up to mt. constitution. since the aid stations are very far apart runners should carry atleast one water bottle or a hydration pack. carrying extra warm clothes and a hat and gloves is also
highly recommended-- there are some long stretches where you may not be able to move fast enough to stay warm because of snow and or ice on the trail.

i wanted to say thanks to some our sponsors:

Nuun for supplying the electrolyte drink and an aid station tent for the race morning continental breakfast

Caffe Vita for the coffee for some of the running movies for the film festival for the aid station supplies

Seattle Running Company for an aid station tent

and Eastside Runners for the Finishline Clock

Oh and I Almost Forgot About the T-Shirts!:
In following with our commitment to put on trail races that have as little negative environmental impact on the planet as possible I decided to try a little experiment. Instead of Buying nearly 300 brand new T-shirts I thought i'd see if we could make do with ones that have already been made. I scoured the Seattle area for the best pre-owned shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, technical shirts and even a few vintage ones. each one is unique and there's a rainbow of colors to choose from. and i personally helped our long-time shirt guy and ultrarunner wild bill voiland with the screen printing, which in itself was nad adventure! after the race let me know what you think...

ok thanks again everyone and see ya soon!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

2009 Orcas Update #2 (reposted)

incase you didn't get it before:

hi everyone

it's orcas week! i've been on the island since friday and things are going really well. here's some more info and updates...

Trail Work Party and Trail Conditions

Big thanks goes out to all of the 19 volunteers who came out and did great work! We got every tree(except 3 that Ranger Rich and I went back out for on Sunday) cleared from both courses!!! we also picked up lots of fallen branches and re-routed a small section of trail around a very icy 20 feet of trail.

The trails are in great shape! very little mud or snow! the snow and ice that is there will make for slower times and folks will have to be cautious. But unless something changes between now and race day we should be taking the regular routes, which go up and over Mt. Constitution.

New Start Times and Early Start Info

I've decided to push the start times of the races back to make life easier for the folks coming over to orcas on the ferry on saturday morning. The 50k will start at 9am and the 25k will be 15 minutes later at 9:15. The Early Start(only for 50k) will be at 8am(which is too early to come over on the ferry in the morning so plan accordingly. the cutoffs will be set up to allow for a 9 hour finishing time. Please consider taking the early start if you think it'll take you longer than 7.5 hours and remember this is a slower than average course). There is no Early Start for 25k runners, 8 hours should be plenty of time! 25k runners who ignore this will arrive at Mt Constitution before the aid station is set-up and it's the only one for the 25k!

Timeline for the Whole Weekend (appox.)

1:30pm Runner Check-In Begins
6:30pm Film Festival, Board Game Olympics and "Pot-lick" Dinner
9:00pm Southern Skies performs in Eastsound at the Lower Tavern
10:30pm Runner Check-In Closes

6:30am Runner Check-In Begins
6:30am Continental Breakfast Begins
8:00am 50k only Early Start
9:00am 50k Regular Start
9:15am 25k Start
11:35am 1st 25k finisher should arrive
noon post race meal and party begins!
1:45pm 1st 50k finisher should arrive
?:??pm Southern Skies Performs at the Finish late afternoonish
5:00pm last runner should be done running and everyone should be happy!

?:00am final clean up begins, everyone helps!
noon check out all cleaning must be complete.


This is the last year dogs will be able to run the orcas race but i would still strongly discourage them from running this year. with this many runners i feel it's important to take extra caution to make sure everyone has an enjoyable run. please if you have to bring your dog this year please have him or her on their very best behavior! and it's park rules to have them leashed at all times.

Rainshadow Running Blog

and don't forget to check the blog for all the latest info on orcas all our other races and serives. there's a page for arranging carpools to orcas and info on our next race the Sun Mountain 50k/25k/10k/1k including the new online registration!

Thanks and see ya soon!

2009 Orcas Update #1 (reposted)

For those of you who did not already get this here it is:

hello everyone

it's amazing how much and how fast this run has grown in just 4 years-- we had just 67 runners our first year and now we'll have more than 250 this year. it definitely has a lot to do with the amazing trails moran state park has to offer! the entrants and lodging lists can be found at our blog along with all kinds of info about orcas and all our other races and services:

there is only one way to get into the race if you're not already in and that is to come out saturday jan 31 st to moran state park and join us for a trail work party. I'm making an exception to 250 runner limit for folks who make it to the trail party. all the details are also on the blog.

i'm asking all of you to carpool for three reasons: it'll save you money, it reduces our environmental impact, and there's very limited parking at the start. for example it costs 1 person 32 bucks to take their car on the ferry but with two people it's only 43 or three people 54, etc so you can really save some dough. and the parking situation last year was pretty bad and that was with only 200 runners so this year could be a nightmare... you can use the blog to organize carpools by using the comment function on the carpool blog entry at:

as always the orcas fat ass has been about fun, before during and after. Friday nite starting around 6pm we'll have the dvd player and tv setup again for the "RUNNING FILM FESTIVAL" (bring your favorite running movies) and new this year "BOARD GAME OLYMPICS" (bring your favorite board games). also friday nite you can get a sneek preview of saturdays live entertainment at the lower tavern in eastsound. Southern Skies, a four piece band from olympia will be performing for us at camp moran on saturday sometime after the run(2 of the band memebers will also be running in the 25k!) as well as friday nite at the bar starting at 9pm. Also on saturday after you finish running we'll again have homemade soup, cookies and good beer! you might want to bring your own beer glass-- the only glasses we'll have there are pretty small.

also we want to let you know about our newest race the sun mountain 50k/25k/10k/1k(kids only) which will be held saturday april 11th on trails on the eastern (read SUNNY!) edge of the north cascades in the methow valley. information about this race and orcas and the cle elum 50k (which we will be taking over from chris and marty fagan) can be found at our blog/temporary website:

ok that's enough beta for now. i'll send out more updates as we get closer to race day.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sun Mountain Entry Form

The Sun Mountain 50k/25k/10k/1k entry form is now available.

Online Entry is also available through Databar Events, a locally owned and ultrarrunner/marathon maniac operated company!

Be warned the deadline to get a t-shirt(patagonia longsleeve) is march 15th and the late fee deadline is march 31st

Orcas Breakfast &

so at orcas this year if you forget to do your carbo-loading the nite before don't worry and definitely don't choke down a bunch of gels right before the start. we'll have a "continental breakfast" thanks to olympia ultrarunner Herb Reeves of the great website for trail and ultra runners check out his website for race calendars, training tips, trail finder, and much much more!

and don't forget about's Washington Ultra Series which includes all three of the current Rainshadow Running races:
Orcas, Sun Mountain and Cle Elum.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Orcas Snow...

over the past few weeks the snow has melted quite a bit on orcas. from latest reports i've gotten most of the three feet of snow that was up on top of constitution is gone and the majority of the course has little or no snow. i'll know a lot more a week from now when i finally will get to see it in person. my guess right now is that we'll be running the normal route not the snow alternate route like last year. but we'll just have to wait and see...

to keep an eye on the weather near the course check out:
Mt Constitution weather

Monday, January 19, 2009

Reduce and Reuse, Please

On the same note as bringing your own beer mug/cup, PLEASE bring a water bottle to use while you are running. We will NOT have paper cups at the aid stations. There will be a few reusable plastic cups, but I bet we all have at least one water bottle that we are used to carrying while running. Aside from consuming more plastic and reducing waste, having your own bottle will keep you better hydrated, as you're more likely to drink if you have something easily accessable.

Thanks for helping our sport have a little less impact on our little planet.

Orcas Pre and Post Race Parties

as always the orcas fat ass has been about fun, before during and after. Friday nite we'll have the dvd player and tv setup again for the "RUNNING FILM FESTIVAL" (bring your favorite running movies) and new this year "BOARD GAME OLYMPICS" (bring your favorite board games). also friday nite you can get a sneek preview of saturdays live entertainment at the lower tavern in eastsound. Southern Skies, a four piece americana/folk rock band from olympia will be performing for us at camp moran on saturday sometime after the run(2 of the band memebers will also be running in the 25k!) as well as friday nite at the bar. Also on saturday after you finish running we'll again have homemade soup, cookies and good beer! you might want to bring your own beer glass-- the only glasses we'll have there are pretty small.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Orcas is now FULL but...

Orcas is now full but for those willing and able to come out and do trail work saturday january 31st there is still a way to get in. I'll make an exemption to the 250 runner limit for those who come out and do the trail work.

here is the list of the lucky runners:

Rafel Albert
Amy Al-Khalisi
Chad Allen
Bill Ames
Holly Anderson
Wendy-Sue Andrew
Jude Apple
John Atkinson
Dan Baier
Ilana Balint
Wayne Ballew
John Bandur
Eric Barnes
Michelle Barnes
Linda Barton
Jessica Bassil
Des Bazett
Moe the Eagle Beaulieu
Logan Beaulieu
Andrea Becker
Queena Beebe
Ward Beemer
Bjorn Begelman
Katherine Bellows
Barbara Bellows
Ethan Bergman
Jonathan Bernard
Jonathan Berry
Mark Bodamer
Laine Boerelman
Guy Boulanger
Rob Bowden
Rod Brown
Tracy Brown
Abigail Brownell
Dean Burton
Carsten Buus
Pablo Cabrera
Allison Camp
Craig Carlson
Michael Cartwright
Tamara Cartwright
Yun Cheung-Ford
Dave Coates
Aaron Coe
Owen Connell
Duncan Coo
Skyler Cookston
Tony Covarrubias
Brendan Cowan
Tom Craik
Alvin Crain
Charlie Crissman
Devon Crosby-Helms
Bill Dagg
Heidi Daigler
Brooke Danaher
Peter Desantis
Chris Doherty
Rosemarie Donnelly
Bryan Dryer
Sophia Duluk
Randy Duncan
Jennifer Dwyer
Christel Eliott
Barbara Evans
Silvia Fehr
Lindsay Felker
Russ Fish
Heidi Fitzgerald
Chris Ford
George Forshaw
Gail Forshaw
Jay Frank
Ashlea Frank
Fawn Freeman
Tia Gabalita
Debbie Gallo
Sharon Gamroth
Dennis Gamroth
Randy Gaylord
Topher Gaylord
Chandler Gehlhausen
Kate Gigler
Clark Gilbert
Brian Goodremont
Garth Goodwin
Kelly Graham
Jove Graham
Holly Graham-Clevenger
Ellie Greenwood
Francie Hankins
Chris Hawkins
Paul Heffernan
Craig Henela
John Herron
Lori Herron
Adam Hewey
Jean Higgins-Peretto
Ryan Hoel
Tonya Hoffman
Sam Holmes
Helen Holmes
Laura Houston
Matthew Hovelman-jones
Dave Hutton
Justin Jablonowski
Robert Jacobsen
Pamela Jacques
Chris Jensen
Heidi Jimenez
Graham Johnson
Stuart Johnston
Kathy Jones
Ryan Kangas
Jamie Keizer
Tate Kelley
Christine Kirchmiller
Robert Kirchmiller
Jenny Knight
William Koch
Scott Krell
Ulrike Krotschek
Albert Lam
Brian Landau
Roderic Langer
Leanne Langer
Kurt Lauer
Sean Lavin
Molly Layman
Laura Leno
Kevin Letchford
Adam LeVasseur
Michael Liles
Adam Lint
Kim Lobree
Robin Loen
Jeff Loen
Angela Loihl
David Lygre
Michelle Maislen
Lisa Maitland
Ryan Malarkey
Glen Mangiantini
Ian Marshall
Joe Marshall
Arthur Martineau
Jennifer Martineau
Mario Martinez
Amber Maurin
Scott McCoubrey
Deb McInally-Hutton
Shawn McTaggart
Colin McWilliams
Cynthia Medlin
Heather Mitchell
Mike Modica
Pete Moe
Krissy Moehl
Dave Molenaar
Scott Montgomery
Fergus Mooney
Allison Moore
Dave Mora
Brian Morrison
John Neels
Brian Nelson
Scott Ninneman
Greg Norrander
Cody Novak
Monica Ochs
Miles Ohlrich
Jason Oliver
Mike Palichuk
Shannon Palmer
Dan Paquette
Mitch Parker
Sukhi Pawa
Jenny Pearson
Jenny Pederson
Joel Pederson
Heidi Perry
Cindy Peterson
Van Phan
Jeff Phillips
Krys Pick
Lara Pollard
Ralph Pooler
Dan Probst
Alexa Pruit
Terry Pruit
Scotty Railton
Jean-Goel Reboul
Herb Reeves
Kevin Reinkensmyer
Susan Reynolds
Greg Ripley
Matthew Rizzo
Gary Robbins
Steve Roberge
Jon Robinson
Steve Roguski
Hannah Rood
Lisa Roth
Vince Rucci
Kris Ryding
Jennifer S.
Kristal Sager
Becky Sandrik
Rod Sawyer
Cassie Scallon
Frank Schnekenburger
Nicole Seana
Dan Sears
Maria Seliber
Roy Seliber
Terry Sentinella
Desiree Serr
Jennifer Seward
Kimberly Shavender
Darin Sheilds
Angela Sheilds
Erin Simms
Susan Sisson
Onderj Sklenar
Allen Skytta
Paul Smith
Jeffrey Smith
Yvonne Smith
Jean Spalti
Scott Sparks
Adrienne Stedford
Audrey Stibbe
Sydnee Stoyles
Steve Stoyles
Challis Stringer
Melissa Stromberg
Megan Sudder
Brandon Sybrowsky
Genissa Sygitowicz
Laury Tarte
Will Thomas
Joe Tompkins
Kristen Ton
Trinh Tran
Laura Trevellyan
Brendan Trimboli
Merita Trohimovich
Ashley Trowbridge
Chris Twardzick
Mel Van Houten
Lesley VonEschen
Bill Walker
Ken Ward
Karen Warrick
Olaf Weckner
Max Welker
Theresa Westfall
Wendy Wheeler-Jacobs
Rich White
Karen Wiggins
Brad Williams
Shawna Wilskey
John Wilson
Blaine Wishart
Amy Wismer
Bob Wismer
Gavin Woody
Sarah Woody
Phyllis Ying
David Zoeller

Friday, January 16, 2009

Orcas Trail Work Party

We feel it's very important that the races we direct give back to the community they take part in and to the trails they use. With that in mind we've organized a volunteer trail work party for Saturday January 31st on the trails at Moran State Park. Every year we've gone out before the race and helped to get the trails ready for the race and for the coming spring season. The work usally includes, brush clearing, removing blown down trees and digging water bars and other surface water management. Dress for the weather and for the work. We'll have work gloves and safety glasses but bring your own if you have them. And bring lunch, water and snacks-- we'll be working for about 6 hours. The park is providing lodging for those who are traveling to Orcas for the work party and would like to stay overnite.

Oh and folks attending the work party are automatically entered into the race for free even if the race is already full!

please RSVP by emailing or calling 509 846 5019

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Orcas Ferry

i'm hoping that since this year's race is not on a holiday weekend everyone's ferry experience will be much more pleasant! to help out i've simplified the ferry schedule here for you. but i still recommend checking out the ferry website for all the rules and such. and don't forget to get there about an hour early or you might have to wait for the next one! oh and don't forget about carpooling to save money on the ferry: for a round trip to orcas it costs $31.90 for each car, including driver. but passengers are only $10.95

6:05AM-7:30AM (this is the last ferry that will get you to the start on time!)

12:45PM-2:10PM (you'll have to run very fast to catch this boat!)
9:00PM-10:00PM (this is the last boat of the day don't let it leave with out you!)

Carpool, Carpool, Carpool!!!

I can't say it too many times, please carpool to orcas this year! we'll have 50-75 more runners and volunteers this year than last and there is very limited parking--so far it's been our only issue with the park. we've identified some alternate spots to park other than the limited parking at camp moran that require a short walk and we'll have signs and or volunteers directing you to them please use them. if you're loding with us at camp moran consider parking temporarily at the camp parking to check-in and unload and then move to the sattelite parking making roof for the folks showing up the morning of the race. if you're staying at doe bay resort or one of the other lodging options on orcas please carpool with other runners who are also staying at your place.

also it will save you money on the ferry to carpool. for a round trip to orcas it costs $31.90 for each car, including driver. passengers are only $10.95

if you'd like to carpool but don't know anyone or those who you do know won't let you in their car :) comment to this blog entry with your name, where on orcas you're staying, where you live and if you vehicle is available and how many passengers you can take.

thanks with your help on this.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Orcas Lodging Now Full! (edited 2/2/09)

The last beds have been filled at orcas. if you missed out but still want to stay close by and for a good price doe bay resort is offering us a deal on beds in their hostel and their woodstove cabins: %50 off for two nites. they are also offering all runners $5 off at thier cafe when spending $15 or more. show them your race number as proof.

other lodging options can be found at

here is the list of the lucky folks to get a bed a camp moran:

Lavin, sean