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James Varner, doing the race director thing. Photo credit: Glenn Tachiyama
James Varner, race director and owner of Rainshadow Running, has been running trail ultras since 2001 and organizing races since 2004. His approach to directing races comes from the idea that he is throwing a party for friends that just happens to involve running in the mountains on the most beautiful and tough trails in the Pacific Northwest. The settings he chooses for the races are a combination of challenging terrain and big climbs/descents with some of the most visually stunning scenery in the United States. James strives with each event to limit our negative impact on the environment and create and nourish as many relationships with the local communities as possible. 
James on the cover of Running Times; photo credit: Glenn Tachiyama
James enjoys trail running for the solace, simplicity and solitude; for the excitement and the beauty; for the challenge and confidence that comes from meeting those challenges; for the lessons he has learned about himself and his surroundings; and for the connection he makes to the places he runs, the people he meets, and to life itself.

Matt & Kerri running in the Enchantments. 

Matt & Kerri Stebbins are the newest members to the Rainshadow Team, taking on the important and dynamic roles of coordinating volunteers and being James' two right hands in and out of Rainshadow race weeks. They answer emails, do extensive race prep, and help ensure each Rainshadow event is run smoothly from start to finish. Before they worked for Rainshadow they were two of Rainshadow's best and most enthusiastic and loyal volunteers, and they know how to get the job done on race-day, no matter the obstacles. When they're not gearing up for the next Rainshadow event, the're most likely on the trails, exploring various ways to get on top of local peaks, volunteering at races throughout the region, country, and beyond [this summer they'll be at Solstass, Hardrock, and Fat Dog, just to name a few], or scouting routes for their newly incorporated Washington State 501(c)3 non-profit focused on trail education and trail advocacy: Endless Trails. Matt & Kerri also direct two of their own trail races in Seattle: The Cottontail 6-& 12-Hour [April 5th, 2014], and the Carkeek 6-& 12-hour [November 1st, 2014]. 

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The Race Director for this and all Rainshadow Running Club races is James Varner.
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