Monday, August 30, 2010

2010 fun run schedule(updated)

ok here's a rough schedule for now:

2nd or 3rd weekend in May: Gardner Mountain/Chelan Sawtooth Wilderness, Winthrop, WA

last weekend in june: Kettle Range, Republic,WA


Aug 15: Angels Staircase, Carlton, WA

labor day weekend: North Cascades Traverse Multi-Day(new details)

Fall: something in california? maybe the henry coe state park or big sur...

December: Swamp Fox, Awendaw, SC

all of this is subject to change, stay tuned to the blogsite for more details and there will be other oppourtunities other than these so don't hesitate to email to ask about the latest plans(i usually try to do something big every weekend that i'm not racing or directing a race)

North Cascades Multi-day Fun Run Details

this weekend is labor day weekend and friday is my 33rd birthday. friday me and another september 3rd are throwing ourselves a really really fun party(see details below). and saturday, sunday and monday i'm organizing trail runs in the north cascades including an over night stay at a cabin in stehekin at the head of lake chelan(the cabin will have beds with sheets and blankets and a kitchen and there's small grocery store and restaurant there so we won't need to run with any thing other than our normal running stuff). there will be limited space in the cabin so please RSVP ASAP

here are the brief details for the run: sat in the crater mountain/jackita ridge/devils dome area there are options for an out and back run of either 9, 14, 20-30 miles or there's 43mile loop option-- i'll probably do something 14-20ish since i'll be recovering from the party;
car camp saturday nite;
sun 14 or 24 mile rainy pass to stehekin-- i'll probably do the 24 mile option which goes over rainbow pass. the 14 mile option takes the pct the whole way and then a shuttle bus to the cabin;
stay in a cabin at stehekin sunday nite;
mon 34 miles stehekin to colonial creek camp via park creek pass. 34 miles is the only option unless you want to do more in which case you could run the road to the trailhead instead of taking the shuttle. if you really need a shorter option out you could go from stehekin to twisp river rd if you had a car waiting there for you there.

This party is to celebrate Sarah Fox-Skutley and James Varner's birthday (and all other valley virgos!). We'll provide all the beer for the Wild Goose Chase and maragaritas and beer for the BBQ and dance party. We'll also provide a hot grill and a bunch of side dishes. You bring your meat(or not meat) for the grill and anything you need for your meat(or not meat).

Meet at Big Valley Trailhead at 6pm--the wild goose chase will start promptly at 6:15pm. The Wild Goose Chase(kinda like follow the leader for adults or similar to a hash run if you know what those are) will involve everyone chasing the geese (sarah and james) through the trails at Big Valley. The geese will get a head start and leave a trail of goose eggs(with fun surprises inside) for the chasers to follow and gather. Along the way the geese will try to trick the chasers with false trails that go to dead ends and stash beer along the way that the chasers will have to drink before continuing along the trail. There will also be other surprises and obstacles along the way to slow down the chasers. The geese don't want to get caught by the chasers because they'll have to get birthday spankings at the dance party if they do and since they're not as young as they used to be that'll be a lot of spankings!! DON"T BE LATE OR YOU WILL MISS OUT ON ALL THE FUN!!!!

The wild goose chase will involve some slow jogging or fast walking on trails and through meadows. The whole route will only be 2-3 miles and you'll have lots of breaks and will probalby take an hour to an hour and half to complete. IT'S NOT A RACE and IT"S MEANT TO BE DONE AS A GROUP. Come prepared with good shoes or chacos and wear pants if you don't want your dance legs to get a little scratched up. But being prepared to go for a dip in the river after the chase would be a good idea too if it's a warm day!

BBQ starts after the Goose Chase probably around 7:30 or 8pm.

Dance Party starts around 9:30pm or so. This will be the best damn dance party ever with a full sound system and a DJ not afraid to get the house jumping with the best dance music of the past 3-4 decades!!!

hope you can make it to some or all of this!
509 846 5019

Friday, August 27, 2010