Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Carpool, Carpool, Carpool!!!

I can't say it too many times, please carpool to orcas this year! we'll have 50-75 more runners and volunteers this year than last and there is very limited parking--so far it's been our only issue with the park. we've identified some alternate spots to park other than the limited parking at camp moran that require a short walk and we'll have signs and or volunteers directing you to them please use them. if you're loding with us at camp moran consider parking temporarily at the camp parking to check-in and unload and then move to the sattelite parking making roof for the folks showing up the morning of the race. if you're staying at doe bay resort or one of the other lodging options on orcas please carpool with other runners who are also staying at your place.

also it will save you money on the ferry to carpool. for a round trip to orcas it costs $31.90 for each car, including driver. passengers are only $10.95

if you'd like to carpool but don't know anyone or those who you do know won't let you in their car :) comment to this blog entry with your name, where on orcas you're staying, where you live and if you vehicle is available and how many passengers you can take.

thanks with your help on this.