Friday, September 11, 2009

volunteering or how can i run for free?

hey everyone

to help me sleep better the nite before the upcoming cle elum 50k and 25k i'm putting the word out that i'd love to have 4-5 more volunteers to help with things at the race such as runner check-in and other start/finish stuff or at an aid station or sweeping the course. i have folks for all of those things already but just the bare minimum.

so if you or someone you know is interested you'll be fed well at the race and will get a credit for a free entry for one of my races for either you or someone you transfer it to. you'll also get my undying love and affection and other great benefits that don't show up on your accountant's books!

thanks and i hope to see you all soon one way or another!
509 846 5019