Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A shout out to Nuun!

Nuun has been sponsoring Rainshadow Running for years, longer than any other sponsor actually. Locally based Nuun and their electrolyte drink tablets have been keeping runners optimally hydrated while climbing up the Powerline Trail at Orcas Island 50k/25k or while navigating the rocky ridge top trails at Cle Elum 50k/25k or while weaving among the wildflowers at Sun Mountain 50m/50k/25k/1k. And Nuun will be keeping you from cramping (and all the other miserable side effects of not staying properly hydrated) while traipsing through the apline meadows, bombing down the crazy steep descents, frolicking among moss covered everything, and soaking in the sunshine race after glorious race all year long in the rainshadow!

Learn more about Nuun at their newly spruced up website: http://www.nuun.com/