Thursday, September 1, 2011

Orcas Island 50k and Orcas Island 25k Registration Opens at 8am on 9/1/11

Big news in the world of Orcas Island...

The race has been split into two separate weekends: January 28th for the 25k and Feburary 4th for the 50k.

There are two new websites for the races:  Orcas Island 50k and Orcas Island 25k

The Registration Opens This Morning at 8AM For Both Races!!!

There will be two trailwork parties: Oct 16th and Jan 22 email me if you're interested

And as always you can get a free entry if you either come to the trailwork party, volunteer before or after the race or bring a volunteer for during the race-- email me if you or someone you know is interested