Wednesday, February 4, 2009

2009 Orcas Update #2 (reposted)

incase you didn't get it before:

hi everyone

it's orcas week! i've been on the island since friday and things are going really well. here's some more info and updates...

Trail Work Party and Trail Conditions

Big thanks goes out to all of the 19 volunteers who came out and did great work! We got every tree(except 3 that Ranger Rich and I went back out for on Sunday) cleared from both courses!!! we also picked up lots of fallen branches and re-routed a small section of trail around a very icy 20 feet of trail.

The trails are in great shape! very little mud or snow! the snow and ice that is there will make for slower times and folks will have to be cautious. But unless something changes between now and race day we should be taking the regular routes, which go up and over Mt. Constitution.

New Start Times and Early Start Info

I've decided to push the start times of the races back to make life easier for the folks coming over to orcas on the ferry on saturday morning. The 50k will start at 9am and the 25k will be 15 minutes later at 9:15. The Early Start(only for 50k) will be at 8am(which is too early to come over on the ferry in the morning so plan accordingly. the cutoffs will be set up to allow for a 9 hour finishing time. Please consider taking the early start if you think it'll take you longer than 7.5 hours and remember this is a slower than average course). There is no Early Start for 25k runners, 8 hours should be plenty of time! 25k runners who ignore this will arrive at Mt Constitution before the aid station is set-up and it's the only one for the 25k!

Timeline for the Whole Weekend (appox.)

1:30pm Runner Check-In Begins
6:30pm Film Festival, Board Game Olympics and "Pot-lick" Dinner
9:00pm Southern Skies performs in Eastsound at the Lower Tavern
10:30pm Runner Check-In Closes

6:30am Runner Check-In Begins
6:30am Continental Breakfast Begins
8:00am 50k only Early Start
9:00am 50k Regular Start
9:15am 25k Start
11:35am 1st 25k finisher should arrive
noon post race meal and party begins!
1:45pm 1st 50k finisher should arrive
?:??pm Southern Skies Performs at the Finish late afternoonish
5:00pm last runner should be done running and everyone should be happy!

?:00am final clean up begins, everyone helps!
noon check out all cleaning must be complete.


This is the last year dogs will be able to run the orcas race but i would still strongly discourage them from running this year. with this many runners i feel it's important to take extra caution to make sure everyone has an enjoyable run. please if you have to bring your dog this year please have him or her on their very best behavior! and it's park rules to have them leashed at all times.

Rainshadow Running Blog

and don't forget to check the blog for all the latest info on orcas all our other races and serives. there's a page for arranging carpools to orcas and info on our next race the Sun Mountain 50k/25k/10k/1k including the new online registration!

Thanks and see ya soon!