Thursday, February 5, 2009

orcas update #3

hi everyone

this is probably the last email i'll send to everyone before the race on saturday. thanks again for signing up for what will hopefully be a fun weekend on orcas island. the weather could be worse than forecasted so please come prepared for nasty weather especially up high. a jacket, hat, and gloves are highly recomended. also remember that most of the time you're on your own with just one aid station for the 25k and two for the 50k and that you need to carry atleast one water bottle or hydration pack while running.

Getting here:
on the blog i have a simplified ferry schedule and on friday afternoon we'll put the yellow road signs to point the way to the park, which is on the far side of the island from the ferry landing. the address for folks who want directions is: 4600 olga rd, olga, wa 98279

Please do your part to help out:
in the past orcas has been huge success thanks to everyone lending a hand. please carpool the parking is limited. also please wash your own dishes after the post-race meal-- we don't use disposable dishes to help reduce our impact on planet. and if you're staying the nite at the camp please help clean up your cabin or the main lodge before you go-- the lodging is cheap in part because there's no maid service to clean up after we leave. with this many people if everyone does just a little it won't take much time at all. thanks in advance!!

What to Bring:
if you're spending the night with us at camp moran don't forget your: sleeping bag(or sheets and blankets) and pillow, towel and toiletries, food to cook in the kitchen, food to share at the "pot-lick" (pot-luck) if you want on friday night. firewood for the woodstove in the mainlodge is always appreciated. and for friday nite's pre-race fun bring your favorite running movie(dvd) and or board game! also a normal sized glass for drinking out of is a good idea since the only glasses at the camp are kid sized.

Aid Stations:
in trying to keep with the spirit of a true fat ass run there are very few aid stations, just one for the 25k and two for the 50k. at the aid stations we'll have a limited variety of food and we'll have water and Nuun(electrolyte drink). we will also transport warm clothes and or extra food to the mt constitution aid station ( mile 6.4 for 25k/mile 22 for 50k)if you want-- just put what you want in a bag with your name and bib number on it and bring it to the start/finish and put it on the designated tables. there will also be a "drop bag" table for the camp moran aid station (50k only at mile 10) again just bring it to the start/finsih and put on the proper table. there will also be a water only aid station for the 50k at mile 19 just before the steep climb up to mt. constitution. since the aid stations are very far apart runners should carry atleast one water bottle or a hydration pack. carrying extra warm clothes and a hat and gloves is also
highly recommended-- there are some long stretches where you may not be able to move fast enough to stay warm because of snow and or ice on the trail.

i wanted to say thanks to some our sponsors:

Nuun for supplying the electrolyte drink and an aid station tent for the race morning continental breakfast

Caffe Vita for the coffee for some of the running movies for the film festival for the aid station supplies

Seattle Running Company for an aid station tent

and Eastside Runners for the Finishline Clock

Oh and I Almost Forgot About the T-Shirts!:
In following with our commitment to put on trail races that have as little negative environmental impact on the planet as possible I decided to try a little experiment. Instead of Buying nearly 300 brand new T-shirts I thought i'd see if we could make do with ones that have already been made. I scoured the Seattle area for the best pre-owned shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, technical shirts and even a few vintage ones. each one is unique and there's a rainbow of colors to choose from. and i personally helped our long-time shirt guy and ultrarunner wild bill voiland with the screen printing, which in itself was nad adventure! after the race let me know what you think...

ok thanks again everyone and see ya soon!