Friday, April 3, 2009

Sun Mountain Update #2

Hi everyone

here's a quick update.

the snow is not melting as fast as i had hoped, the warm weather has yet to arrive. although it's forecated to finally begin tommarow but i'm guessing i'll have to make changes to the courses to avoid the worst trail conditions. i've got a few options in mind but i'll have to wait and see if these predicted warmer temps. actually happen and what that does to change the current conditions. no matter what the race will happen! the 50k and maybe 25k might have to do multiple loops if there is a limited amount of useable trails. i think by monday or tuesday nite i'll have a much better idea and i will update again then. and then on thursday i'll make a final decision on the routes. the start/finish location will not change. i probably won't get maps up on the website until thursday nite at the earliest but will try to have hard copies at the starting line for folks to take if they want but they will not be nessecary since the course will be adequately marked. special shoes or traction devices i'm guessing won't be needed but i'll be sure to let you all know if that changes-- right now there are very few icy spots and ski trails are actually in good shape for running on but the snowshoe trails and the few trails that are not used at all in the winter are the ones that are the most irratating to try to run on.

On a lighter note in keeping with the tradition of all my races we'll have yummy food and tasty drinks at the finish . we'll have great pizza from East 20 Pizza in Winthrop and great local micro brewed beer from The Old Schoolhouse Brewery also from Winthrop. We'll also have juice and cookies or some other kind of snacks. Vegans or other folks with dietary situations please email me to let me know so i can meet your needs. Also to reduce waste we highly encourage you to bring your own plate and cup/beer stein from home to use for the post race meal!

We'll also have custom awards made by local metal artist Jerry Merz for the top male and female finsihers in the 50k, 25k and 10k. And be sure to stick around after you finish we'll have random drawing prizes throught out the day from some our sponsors such as: Winthrop Mountain Sports, Methow Cycle and Sport, Nuun, and Bluebird Grain Farms.

Also please carpool to the start. The parking is limited and it's just the cool thing to do! if you need help finding a carpool buddy check out the the page on the blogsite:

ok thanks again and stay tuned for more info to come...