Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas at the End of the Road 5k and 1k Results

Under blue skies 27 brave runners(and walkers) completed the icy and snowy 5k course in Winthrop today. We also had 5 young ins complete the treacherous 1k loop.

Here are the results:

24:27 Chris Casey Winthrop WA M
24:29 Lucas Barthalomew Spokane WA M
24:53 Hayden Gandy Hamilton MT M
24:59 Dave Acheson Winthrop WA M
26:45 Ellis McLoughlin Seattle WA M
27:30 Ben Taylor Seattle WA M
27:56 Deni Maxwell Snohomish WA F
27:57 Shawn Maxwell Snohomish WA M
28:02 Julie Gandy Hamilton MT F
28:40 Emerson Worrell winthrop WA M
29:08 Stephen Taylor Seattle WA M
29:57 Bill McAdon Winthrop WA M
30:26 Jay McLoughlin Seattle WA M
33:00 Peggy Porter Seattle WA F
33:02 Adri VanBianchi Twisp WA F
33:34 Tanner Gandy Hamilton MT M
34:15 Quinn Shelby Winthrop WA M
35:14 Jenne Layfield Everett WA F
36:29 Jacqueline McLoughin Seattle WA F
38:06 Anne Acheson Winthrop WA F
40:00 Clark McNaull Seattle WA M
40:01 Peter McNall Seattle WA M
46:47 Tedra Acheson Winthrop WA F
48:48 Miller Marysville WA F
48:48 Dave Miller Marysville WA M
53:29 lisa sawyer winthrop WA F
53:30 rachel franklin Twisp WA F