Monday, December 20, 2010

update for 2011

i had a question from a runner that is probably similar to what others are wondering so i thought i'd repost the question and my answer here.

Q: Are your spring races and dates on the Rainshadow site 100% certain?

A: i wish they were 100% certain. the process is taking longer than i thought but that being said i would be surprised if any of them didn't happen as planned.

snow fun could be done as a fat ass so even if i didn't get a permit for a race i'd still put it on as a free fun run.

as for the gorge waterfalls 50k in march... this one is probably the coolest of all the spring races but is also the one that i'm most worried about but i think no matter what they'll give me a permit--i'm just worried they'll put some silly restrictions on the race(like the nearby forest service has done to the mt hood races). it's a popular area so i understand their caution but the reason why it's popular is why it's gonna be one of the coolest races in country! no race in the country that i know of will have more big waterfalls on course!

so far everything seems like it'll be fine for the yakima skyline race in april but the land managers have been dragging their feet(i think they were busy this fall with hunting stuff).

sun mountain in may will happen i'm just waiting to hear about my changes to the 50m route but no matter what i'll be able to work something out.

as for beacon rock in june i'm also just waiting for approval of the route but the park seems pretty open to the idea of a 50k there so i'm sure we can work something out.

as for the rest of the year, (cle elum, angels staircase, no cascades pct, winthrop marathon and half marathon, mt spokane, xmas at the end of the road 5k and decpetion pass) the only one i that i forsee having a tough time getting a permit is no cascades pct(again b/c it's such a popular area) but even if i don't get a permit we'll do it as a free fun run with a 75 person limit. in general all the land managers have been initially favorable in responses but they've been a little slow moving and i've been very slow moving due to juggling so many new races at the same time. but i think we're on verge of getting signed permits on a lot of these so as that happens i'll start opening registration and putting up all the details on the website.