Thursday, June 16, 2011

North Cascades PCT 100k/50k Postponed Until 2012

Due to severe flood damage to the roads and trails at Cle Elum that race has been postponed to September 17th. To make room for that race which already had over 150 runners signed up I decided to postpone the North Cascades PCT 100k/50k which had not yet had any runners registered(only because I had been too busy with other races to open the registration--I'm sure the race would have filled to capacity with-in days or maybe even hours of the opening of registration).  Since there are many of you who had your hearts set on doing the North Cascades Race I've decided to post the race info here so those who want to can go run the route on their own. Runners deciding to do this would need to be 100% self sufficient--Rainshadow Running is not organizing any kind of event there this year and there will be no aid, no support, no course markings, no nothin'. 

Again let me repeat this info is just for "fun run" purposes there will be no official race this year due to the postponement of the Cle Elum 50k/25k.  This is a very remote route and you are totally on your own.

It's a simple enough route. Start @ T|Rainy Pass Trailhead on Hwy 20. Run north on the PCT to harts pass Rd which is 31 miles away and turnaround and run back to Rainy Pass. Harts pass Rd is the only road you cross(other than an old mine Rd when your're almost to Harts Pass) so that's the only place for aid or to bail out. But it's a long drive from Rainy Pass--about 3 to 4 hours round trip via Mazama. Water is available from creeks in a couple places but in general is scarce especially in September. Greentrails map "Washington Pass" shows the entire route and I would highly recommend carrying it. This is not a run for beginners.